RESTORATION OF FEMININITY 12 – Domineering Mothers


Mothers come in all skins but there are the domineering mothers. These are they that become dangerously attached to their sons, replacing their mate with their son.

Their own search for the praises of men and for the love and fulfilment they fail to receive from their mate propels them to enter into emasculating relationships with their sons. This is out of God’s order. Sons are not created to fill the void that you’ve determined your mate won’t fill. Children are not made to be bargaining tools and instruments of manipulation to retaliate against, insult, draw, bind, or repel the man in your life. They are little people who come laden with purpose and endless possibilities that must not be distorted.

Mothers, be living New Testament examples of the type of person you would like your children to become. Speak wisdom into your children, help them to tap into the boundless possibilities within themselves because of the power of God at work within them. Be like Jesus in the home. Give your son the male affirmation he needs in order to be a man and let your daughter grow up affirmed as a woman, knowing she deserves to be loved properly.

This enables a son to “leave and cleave” and a daughter to grasp the concept of walking in oneness with her husband. This builds solid men and women who fulfil their purpose and further the world’s destiny.
This is the only winning strategy ever.

Credits – Amanda Buys
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