I have loved you from the time I knew of your existence. Sickness wanted to rob me of you but I fought with all I had for your survival; on my knees, with treatment. I am glad that we progressed so well thereafter. It was not journey without problems. But I chose to bear it all because I knew that one day, we shall laugh together.

2- 4x6  Salomon  (3)After a long and straining struggle, you came to me. You were small, but all that mattered is that you were alive and well. I watched as my Father weaved His hand of love in your life. You blossomed, fought all manner of disease that the enemy threw at you.

Now you stand tall. You are a big boy of almost 2 years. Sometimes I do not understand you, but from today I promise to give you the time to be you. Even when you are so clingy, you are my bundle of joy.

I didn’t treat you right the other day, and I am so sorry about that. I pray that everyday I shall learn to let the baby in you evolve and become who God intended you to be. I promise to walk with you on this journey and give you the help that you need being the mother that God desires me to be to you.