While it was chagrin then,

When he was whipped and hung,

it is a joy now.

Ronovan Write: Chagrin, Joy



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For a long time, I longed to have a spice rack but that was as far as it went. There was always one excuse after another from all the contractors I got to help me. In as much as it was fustrating, my hands were tied as that was above my paygrade.

But finally, I got it done last week. What a joy to see my counter tops free of spices!

I can now enjoy my kitchen more and do more at the same time.

Besides that, I no longer had to worry about the children messing things up for me.

What a relief! What a joy!

To order and more space……


It’s good to have you back PricelessJoy


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The weather was great, time was all hers, there was no reason to worry anymore. She had looked forward to such a time as this. A time to throw all care to the wind and enjoy what her Father had made available for her.

There was no better way than heading to the beach, to soak in the sun, unwind and let the world slide by.

Thinking about the past week, despair had turned into hope. What had seemed hopeless as she walked through the theatre doors to her mother had turned around. The surgery had gone well, albeit what the doctors had earlier said.

The tumour had been located, tamed and taken out without damaging any vein. Mother had come around after just 4 hours instead of the eight that the surgeon had said.

Glenda was indeed glad, there was a lot of hope in the air. And the beach was the ultimate place to let the steam cool off.

So with a smile plastered on her face, knowing that mother was well and the best were at her beck and call, she swung her bag to her back and headed for a bit of enjoyment.

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Working her way through a pile of clothes, her hand throbbed. “How am I to get all this done before the little girl gets up for her feeding?” she thought to herself. So she worked on hoping to have much done before the hour.

As she worked her way through the pile, little Nate, stormed in, “mother, she hit me, she hit me,” he screamed.

With confusion on her face, she asked, “who are you talking about?”

“It is Nelly, she hit me.”

“Oh, but I put her to bed just a while ago.”

“Oh mother, she crawled the moment you walked out of her room. We have been playing with blocks until she hit me so hard.”

“Oh my, these children,” she thought to herself.

Here she was, working relentlessly to ensure that all was tidy by the time Nellie got up to feed yet she was busy having a good time. Without the right reaction to that discovery, she just let out a hearty laugh. Then Nelly crawled her way to the laundry room, she giggled to no end.

There, fatigue and stress gave way to giggles that spread throughout the house. The need to hurry up was soon forgotten.

Happy Parenting!

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After a long day of listening to banter from an angry friend about her failed marriage, I needed some color, something to brighten the damp mood.

Walking through the streets and markets in search for materials for the next project, I came across these colorful cows. Are they? I do not know, but I guess they are cows.

Their brilliance paled all the gloom in and around me. Oh what splash of color this was! It was the remedy I had been looking for.

Looking at them for what seemed like eternity, I forgot why I had come to this market. The words inscribed in English explained what I needed to feel within me.

It was a great scene to close the day with.