Twenty-five years ago, they said, “I do.” And they have done for all this while. We are a product of that vow.

My, oh my, the storms have blown, the pits were dug, but they stood to their vows. There were days I found mother in her little corner with her face awash with tears. But cry though she did, yet she never threw in the towel.

Dad was no saint. Drinking from time to time, coming in late for dinner, yet mother stood by him faithfully. She sat at the pouch doing whatever her hands would find to do as she waited for her mate to return to the fold. Dutifully, yet with a smile, she catered to him.

She never divulged why she stayed, but now that I look back, I fully understood. She never raised her voice at father, even when most times she was justified.

As I watch him strap her shoes for their anniversary ball, I am in awe. She played her role well and in no time, he had no reason to stay out long or stray.

Oh the lessons that you have taught us, mother, they are ingrained in our hearts.