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He was successful,
everyone knew about it,
they smelt it,
they felt it.

He had no family insight,
what an oversight!
the children suffered,
it was painful.

His life was wretched,
it racked of devastation,
with no one to hold him,
and no pillar to keep him grounded,
he was a mess

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“Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe.”  Christ Van Allsburg, The Polar Express.

As a child,
Christmas was all about food,
as a teen,
nothing really mattered,
with all the confusion in my house,
as I grew older,
the bells do not get my appetite worked up,
nor confusion and anger to brew,
they call me to Him,
they remind me that He is the reason,
the reason I believe



As the seasons changed,
so did we,
our tastes were never the same,
we looked at things differently.

Parenting has changed too,
while we crave to bear children,
we detest nurturing them,
they have become a burden,
so much so,
we have delegated others to bear the burden,
to instil virtues in them,
as though they know what suits us

And yet we complain,
“what has become of these children?”
so we ask
why don’t we ask us what has become of us?
we care less yet want a lot,
why would we expect our children to be any different?

As the sun shines once again,
allow self to change for better,
get back to the basics,
to save the generations ahead.

Happy Parenting

Thank you, Priceless Joy, for this Prompt



“Will you have a lemon tart or fish?” she asked the children. However, none paid her any attention. Raising her voice a notch higher, she asked again. But with all the fun they were having, not even the sweet aroma from the kitchen moved them.

Serving them anyway, she placed their plates on the table and called them over again. With the cartoon episode done, their ears were ready for what she had to say.  Like hungry lions they ran to the table. Without saying The Grace, they drove into whatever was before them. Hiding her smile, she asked them why they were not one bit thankful for what they wee filling their stomachs with.

“Oh,sorry Ma,” they said, trying to hide the fact that they were caught in the act. Praying eloquently though hurriedly, they resumed their lunch.

With the loss of their father, seeing these two little children was a balm to the wound that she felt every day. Theresa thrived because Sammie and Duncan did.  They were her joy and she lived for them.

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Gratitude is a virtue, one that needs nurturing. With lots of killings in my country, plus the plane crash that killed almost the whole Brazillian football team, the world would be pale.

But, great triumphs are not unless there are small triumphs behind it all.

Today, I am thankful for;

  • life
  • family
  • the far He has brought me
  • the battles He has fought for me
  • the virtual friends here on WordPress
  • food on the table
  • amazing health
  • and sooooo much more.

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