Every one has a definition for a house, and here are mine:

  • It wards off the elements.

  • It covers you in times of rain, storms, heat, cold, snow, anything that could affect your health.

  • It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It harbours all of your possessions and keeps them safe.

  • It gives you safe boundaries and consistency – you return to the same place every day.

  • It provides access to others, as people know where to come to find you.

  • It offers you a place to feed, rest and even cleanse yourself.

As a wife, a godly woman, the man in your life should feel that his heart, his secrets, and his emotions are safe with you. You should be his haven of consistency, the one who is always there, and the one he can alwayscount on. He knows what to expect from you because your character is so sound.

He should have access to your heart, your softness, your reassurances and your counsel all the time, and vice versa. You should be his oasis; a dominant yet pleasant person to be around.

He should be refreshed in your presence. Nothing can bring him more joy or pain than to be welcomed or spurned by the woman he longs after.

Songs OF SOL 4:9 -10 9 You have ravished my heart and given me courage, my sister, my promised bride; you have ravished my heart and given me courage with one look from your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace. 10 How beautiful is your love, my sister, my promised bride! How much better is your love that wine! And the fragrance of your ointments than all spices!

Make a house for him not because he is perfect but because you have a choice to do so. It is that which will change a wanderer and make joyful the only that only stayed because they didn’t want to hurt you.


Credits – Amanda Buys

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