Kellen needed some hope to hold on to this morning. Darkness had filled her life for all she could remember. From losing her parents to a horendous accident, to being kicked out of their family house by greedy relatives, all was bleak. With no where to go, her only option was going to an orphanage. In as much as that was last thing on her mind, she was glad when she found one to take her in. At last, there was someone willing to give her food, accomodation and a place to call home without any ulterior motives.

Coming from plenty to scarcity, she had very many adjustments to make in her life. Looking back at the food that filled the bins after every meal, her stomach churned in pain. She had barely had much to eat save for the cup of porridge served at 7:00hrs.

But all that was soon forgotten when she was called and told that she would return to school. She was handed the brochure for the school and told to get ready as she would start on Wednsday. After dealing with one disappointment after another, she was glad that for once, she was being given something real. False hope had nearly killed all the trust she had for man. But with this, a glimmer of hope shone within her heart. She promised herself to do all it took to make the best out of this opportunity so that one day she would reunite with her siblings.

She promised herself to make the best out of this opportunity so that one day she would help others like her.

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