The need to get away was overwhelming. She needed to see something new, something spectacular. After 2 years of nursing her sick mum, magnificent sunsets, and a stretch of plain green land was ideal. She was tired of the confinement, pain, and the putrid stench that hospitals bore.

Not that she was in denial. She had mourned. It was time to move on. She knew that her mother would applaud her for that.

Setting out on a new adventure, she was glad to find this place, at this time. Here, she would build her tiny house and start anew. The rental fees were almost non-existent and the peace was healing.



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She loved to travel, so much so that she purchased a trailer. While it did not make sense to her husband, it filled her heart with joy. She would now move from one town to another without worrying about being out of supplies.

Then one morning, they woke up to news of a brewing storm, a few towns from theirs. However, it was gaining strength and moving their way. Frantically putting all they could together, they prepared for evacuation.

“Jordan, Janice, are we ready yet?” she called out to her children.

“All is packed and ready. All except you.”

“Can we leave before the storm gets violent?”

Though he had not loved the idea at first, this trailer had served as a great escape for them on that terrible morning. They were able to leave in time with more than enough to see them through the evacuation.

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*The narrow streets of Barcelone*Street-in-Amsterdam-Narrow-2012-09-01-at-14-53-02

*narrow street in Amsterdam*


*Mayfield Diana ships in narrow Corinth canal Corinth Peloponnese-Greece*

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Growing up, Matt developed a love for adventure. However, apart from the forests around the home, there was nothing more to nurture his passion. Our strict and out rightly protective parents did not help at all.

So he did all he could with what was in his reach and enjoy himself he did. However, that was not to be the moment he clocked fifteen. He had grown accustomed to all that his surroundings would offer. The love to move out and see beyond the confines of our little village gnawed at him. Nonetheless, he had to stay put for that was the unspoken law.

However, an opportunity presented itself when the family of his then girlfriend invited him for a trip. Being the people that Papa and Mama knew all too well, he did not have to do much convincing to earn his ticket out.

With a plan already hatched and well laid out between him and his supposed father-in-law, they set out. On reaching the city, with all preparations made, Matt reached out to Laura and said, “I am staying here, honey.”

They shared a wink with his father-in-law, and he walked to the motel room that awaited him. The weekend of discovery had started. They would pick him up on their way from their relatives.



He had been around for a very long time. He knew the hanger inside out.

He had served us well. He had done several rescue trips, hauled food to disaster-stricken places, brought disaster survivors home, and so much more. We are grateful for his service.

But just like everyone else, there is a time to rest. Today was his time.

He needed to rest and look on as others did what he once did. I know it is somewhat daunting to just sit there and look. But it is better than getting wasted out there.

Carl had developed several mechanical issues from the constant trips that he made. The list now seemed endless so we decided to pack him.

I will surely miss his comfortable space and companionship on those long and gruelling trips. But I am glad that he is still here. At least I shall be able to look at his and reminisce.


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I love traveling. However, I do most of it on my laptop or in my mind. Nonetheless, I can not stop dreaming about going to Isreal, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, and all the National Parks in my country (you are free to laugh out loud at this last one.)

I know that the last one seems insane, but the truth is that I have not been to any of them. If it was not money, then it was parental restrictions. Then as time flew by the babies came, and it was responsibility, money and all that goes with it. yeah, yeah, yeah, I NEED TO TRAVEL. I am tired of being in the same place.