BREAKING THE CURSE OF ALCOHOLISM – 3 Alcohol Spirits And Patterns In The Scriptures

Proverbs 20:1 WINE IS a mocker, strong drink a riotous brawler; and whoever errs or reels because of it is not wise.

What a loaded sentence! Let’s look at everything that is in here.

Wine is a mocker.
Often during a deliverance meeting there will be people who have this uncontrollable urge to laugh and cackle and to make fun. This is where you find these mocking spirits coming from. Alcohol and drugs, especially marijuana often manifest in hysterical laughter with no apparent stimuli. The spirits of Antichrist or drug spirits will also mock those leading the deliverance prayer.

Strong drink is a riotous brawler.

This is where alcoholic rage comes from. The alcoholic can’t take any pressure at all in their life and they just blow up into fits of rage and anger for almost no reason at all. In these verses we see spirits of rage, strong drink, and mockery. A constant low level anger often has its roots in alcoholic patterns.

Whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

Here we see deception. This is where the strong man of denial comes in. The strong man of the Alcoholic Syndrome is Denial. “I don’t have a problem, this is your problem.” Anytime someone says this, a simple look into their background will confirm the presence of the destructive spirits of alcohol or drugs in their lives. The person living in denial will always have an excuse or reason for the destruction, claiming it as temporary. We also see the spirits of stupor, stupidity, not wise, and foolishness. This group of spirits lodge in the mind and are introduced by alcohol and protected by Denial.

Also evident is the Curse of Atheism. People who have had the Drug and Alcohol Syndrome working in their lives, have a hard time coming to the Lord or walking with Him in trust and faith until this curse is broken and deliverance received.

Psalms 14:1 THE [empty-headed] fool has said in his heart, There is no God.

Here is another verse that references foolishness under drinking. Do you see the connection with foolishness and the person thinking, “there is no God. I don’t have to serve God.”

This makes it very hard for a person to follow the Lord until these spirits are dealt with. Denial will then couple up with doubt and unbelief to deal a one-two knockout punch to the faith of the young Christian so that they run away from help The spirit of denial causes a person to be unable to take correction.

The alcoholic can’t take anyone coming to them and trying to help them with any of their problems. The alcoholic will always claim that the problems are, “out there.” “It’s that boss I have,” or “I’ve just had a bunch of bad breaks.”

The problem to them is never personal responsibility. “Why do I need to confess my sins or come before the Lord?” Instead, the alcoholic says, “Lord, it’s that wife / husband you gave me.” To them the problem is always elusive and out there somewhere.

Habakkuk 2:5 Moreover, wine and wealth are treacherous; the proud man [the Chaldean invader] is restless and cannot stay at home. His appetite is large like that of Sheol and [his greed] is like death and cannot be satisfied; he gathers to himself all nations and collects all people as if he owned them.

Here is the best description of the alcoholic and drug addict that I have ever found. Here we see spirits of Transgression, Rebellion against the Lord, and Pride.

Cannot stay at home … “
How many alcoholics have a real nice home life? Usually they are always running around with friends down to the watering hole, leaving the children behind, letting the television and the pizza be the babysitter, and dodging all responsibility of home or family.

This is the fruit of drugs and alcohol and God hates this and wants us to recognize the danger in it. It is good to remember that as was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things (1st Corinthians 13:11). The alcoholic is often told to grow up, but they find it impossible without deliverance.

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BREAKING THE CURSE OF ALCOHOLISM – 2 Alcohol Spirits: Demons Of Destruction

Alcohol spirits are of the family line of Destruction. If you were to say what type of species an alcohol demon was, it would be Destruction. It works slow in the life of a person like cancer. It can cause problems for a long time, and once the problems grow to where they are noticeable, the effects are most often fatal.

Even if you quit drinking, the spirits have already gained entrance, slowly working away, destroying cell after cell, just like cancer. The destruction grows and grows until you come to the end of your life and find you have no family left, no mind left, no health left, and no finances. This is how these spirits work, and this should show the importance of getting them out of your life early.

I don’t know of a family that hasn’t been touched by alcohol spirits. These spirits have been cast out of people who have never drank!

The key is that they came from an alcoholic family.

It may have been the parent or the grandparent that was an alcoholic. Studies have shown that children with alcoholic parents are 40% more likely to become alcoholics than children whose parents were not alcoholics.

An interesting note on the study also showed that adopted children, whose natural parents were alcoholics, (even though they were raised in good home by non-drinking families) still showed the exact same percentage of alcoholism as the children who actually lived with alcoholic.

Years of deliverance and counselling experience, have taught that the spirits of alcoholic destruction are at the root of most major problems, second maybe only to witchcraft. They touch everything from health issues, mental problems, (Attention Deficit and behaviour issues), marital and family relationships, and finances. If you are seeking help in any of these areas, don’t overlook the highly probable root cause or influence of alcoholic patterns.

Science has used this fact to prove that alcoholism is genetic.

Deliverance has shown that these spirits travel down the family line.

The drinking of alcohol is what opens the door for these spirits to enter and operate for generations. Deliverance will stop this demonic cycle and bring about liberty to our future generations. Most who have taken on the battle with these spirits have encountered a fierce and stubborn enemy, highly determined to keep the generational ground they’ve held. You will have to be more determined and desirous of reclaiming the ground to obtain lasting freedom.

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DEALING WITH GRIEF 34 – Encouragement


The Hebrew word TRUST:
Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart … know Him in all your ways.

The Hebrew word for trust is “bittachon”, from a root word batach that means “to lean upon,” to feel safe and secure.

“Bittachon” describes emotional acceptance of the goodness of the LORD.

Some of the teachers have said that while emunah,or “faith”, represents a state of understanding that GOD is intimately involved in all the events of the universe, bittachon means personally trusting that the LORD is present in every situation for your good.

Rabbi Bechaya put the distinction this way: “Everyone who trusts has faith, but not everyone with faith trusts.”

Bittachon is an intuitive awareness of the Personal Love of GOD for your life, coupled with complete trust that He cares for you (Romans 8:28). It is an expectation that the Love of GOD is “I-AM-always-with-you,” too.

The Greek word ANXIETY:
Where it is written, “cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7), the word translated “anxiety” (merimna) comes from a Greek verb (merizo) that means to be fragmented or divided into parts and pieces. We bring our brokenness to GOD — including even those distractions that tear us away from Him and that tend to make us inwardly fragmented — in order to receive GOD’s Healing Care for us.

Therefore choose to regard your brokenness as an invitation to come before GOD for healing. Never let it keep you from coming to the LORD for help!

We are not to be ignorant of satan and his devices … despite our many sins, frailties, and even our own inner ambivalence, we know that GOD Alone makes us whole and He is the True Lover of our souls.

The Spirit always cries out for you: come … it is my prayer and hope that each of us will draw near to GOD for life.

May the LORD GOD heal you, body and soul … may He ease your pain, increase your strength, and release you from all your fears. May blessing, love, joy, and true shalom surround you and fill you in the Love of Jesus our Savior.


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When facing the loss of loved ones, prayer is sometimes the only thing that holds any type of comfort. Sometimes we ourselves loose someone close to us, and at other times we just need to pray for someone else’s loss.

Emotions like anger, disappointment, and sadness can easily move us away from GOD. It is easy for those dealing with grief to fall into so much anger they walk away from the LORD.

Blaming GOD for bad things can go well beyond emotions associated with loss into a permanent distancing from our faith.

While grief may always remain with us to some degree, prayers can help us move past the deep sense of anger and sadness into acceptance and living.

Prayer always helps us grow with GOD, and when we are grieving or watching others grieve, prayers for grief and loss can be immensely helpful.

Sometimes it is the only thing we can do for someone. Here are some prayers you can use:

A Prayer for Personal Loss

FATHER, thank You for being my Rock and my Strength. I don’t know why this happened. I know You have a plan for each of us. But right now I’m hurting, and that hurt runs deep.
FATHER, I know that You are a comfort for me, and I thank You that You are by my side through this time. It feels right now like this hurt will never go away. It feels right now like I’ll never come out of this pain.
Everyone keeps saying that time will ease what I’m going through. I feel angry. I feel hurt. I feel alone. I cannot imagine going through this without You holding me up.
Sometimes, FATHER, it’s just hard to look at tomorrow, and I just don’t know how I will get through the day without my loved one in my life. But FATHER, I thank You that you are here for me, and You will never leave me, nor forsake me.
I receive strength to take another step and to cope with the loneliness and to move forward in my life. FATHER, thank You that You are making each day a little easier. I also receive hope for tomorrow. Though I may never stop missing my loved one, I am comforted knowing that they are now with You.
Thank You, FATHER for always being here for me. In Jesus name, AMEN.


A Prayer for the Loss of Others

FATHER, I come to You now in Jesus name for my friend. May they receive strength and comfort in this time of deep need. Their hurt and grief run so deep. I feel so much pain for them, but I can only imagine how hard this time must be for them. I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, they may maintain their faith in You during this difficult time.
Be their greatest Shoulder and biggest Provider during this time when daily life can be burdensome.
Grant patience from others as they work through their grief. Surround them with understanding so that they can work through all the emotions this loss brought up.
In this time when so many things get lost — bills need to be paid, homework needs to be done, etc. … grant those around them the wisdom to help keep regular life on track.
And FATHER, I receive Your wisdom to be a comfort to my friend. Let me be what they need during this time.
I receive the comforting words, the kindness in my heart, and the patience to allow the grief to take its course. Let me be part of Your Light and comfort during this time.
I pray these things in Jesus Name, AMEN!

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DEALING WITH GRIEF 32 – Divorce And Children cont’d

Normal reactions to separation and divorce

Although strong feelings can be tough on kids, the following reactions can be considered normal for children.

😖Anger. Your kids may express their anger, rage, and resentment with you and your spouse for destroying their sense of normalcy.

😳Anxiety. It’s natural for children to feel anxious when faced with big changes in their lives.

😞Mild depression. Sadness about the family’s new situation is normal, and sadness coupled with a sense of hopelessness and helplessness is likely to become a mild form of depression.

It will take some time for your kids to work through their issues about the separation or divorce, but you should see gradual improvement over time.

Red flags for more serious problems.

If things get worse rather than better after several months, it may be a sign that your child is stuck in depression, anxiety, or anger and could use some additional support. Watch for these warning signs of divorce-related depression or anxiety:
🙁Sleep problems
🙁Self-injury, cutting, or eating disorders
🙁Poor concentration
🙁Frequent angry or violent outbursts
🙁Trouble at school
🙁Withdrawal from loved ones
🙁Drug or alcohol abuse
🙁Refusal of loved activities

Discuss these or other divorce-related warning-signs with your child’s doctor, teachers, or consult a child therapist for guidance on coping with specific problems.

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DEALING WITH GRIEF 31 – Divorce And Children cont’d

Helping children cope with divorce … work with your ex

Conflict between parents — separated or not — can be very damaging for kids. It’s crucial to avoid putting your children in the middle of your fights, or making them feel like they have to choose between you.

Rules of thumb

Remember that your goal is to avoid lasting stress and pain for your children. The following tips can save them a lot of heartache:

👍🏾Take it somewhere else. Never argue in front of your children, whether it’s in person or over the phone. Ask your ex to talk another time, or drop the conversation altogether.

👍🏾Use tact. Refrain from talking with your children about details of their other parent’s behavior. It’s the oldest rule in the book: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

👍🏾Be nice. Be polite in your interactions with your ex-spouse. This not only sets a good example for your kids but can also cause your ex to be gracious in response.

👍🏾Look on the bright side. Choose to focus on the strengths of all family members. Encourage children to do the same.

👍🏾Work on it. Make it a priority to develop an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse as soon as possible. Watching you be friendly can reassure children and teach problem-solving skills as well.

The big picture

⭐️If you find yourself, time after time, locked in battle with your ex over the details of parenting, try to step back and remember the bigger purpose at hand.

⭐️Relationship with both parents. What’s best for your kids in the long run? Having a good relationship with both of their parents throughout their lives.

⭐️The long view. If you can keep long-term goals — your children’s physical and mental health, your independence — in mind, you may be able to avoid disagreements about daily details. Think ahead in order to stay calm.

⭐️Everyone’s well-being. The happiness of your children, yourself, and, yes, even your ex, should be the broad brushstrokes in the big picture of your new lives after divorce.

Helping children cope with divorce … know when to seek help.

Some children go through divorce with relatively few problems, while others have a very difficult time. It’s normal for kids to feel a range of difficult emotions, but time, love, and reassurance should help them to heal. If your kids remain overwhelmed, though, you may need to seek professional help.

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