RESTORATION OF FEMININITY 4 – What is femininity?


Soft, gentle, delicate, sensitive, modest, etc; it is also synonymous with meek: “strength under control”. Femininity is strength wrapped in a velvet glove.

It is an inner quality that flows from a woman who knows her calling and her value. Feminine women are strong women because their influence is deeply felt rather than simply seen and never static. This influence gets beneath the surface because it is invited in. It is invited in because it is attractive and non-threatening. The feminine woman knows who she is and celebrates being all woman. She lets who she is naturally do all the work for her.

I love being a woman. I love all that it encompasses. That I can be intelligent, intuitive, sharply discerning, dignified and strong, soft and warm; generous with my compassion; tender with my touch; that I can cry openly; that I can change my mind a million times because it’s a woman thing! It’s a beautiful thing.

Cc – Amanda Buys
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When the pain is real
when the emotions are raw
When there’s nowhere to run
when the one safe heaven is now a battleground
when the friends and now more like predators
but I have come to learn that pain does not kill

No, I would not let it break me
I look on and forge a way forward
because my tomorrow is in my hands
my destiny needs to be lived
many are counting on me to become better
I will stand tall holding dear the lessons  I have learned from those before me

the journey, though long but success awaits,
we shall win,
as a team, as individuals.

It is well