For long, we have been told by the world how to take care of our children. However, the viable way is no longer good enough, it ought to be the right way. I understand that change has never been easy, but we have to make a choice; a decision. Now is the time, to take back the reins and take care of our children His way.

We cannot sit and watch as generations devoid of the knowledge of their Creator continue to make decisions that are not right yet affect us all. But they cannot raise themselves up, we have to take a stand; we have to do something. It is now or never.

Join  me as we discover from the manual (Bible) how to parent her children.





It was that time of the year that Milly wrapped presents and sent them all over the world to her scattered family and friends. It was a tradition she’d developed and one she wasn’t about to give up on despite it taking a toll on her, more so now that arthritis was gnawing at her bones. In a jiffy, or so you may say, Milly wrapped the last gift, ready to send them off to be delivered. Watching her, I wondered how after all these years, she kept up with the rigorous activity let alone remember the names of her recipients and their current residencies. That’s when I small machine that she used to scan sender addresses from the parcels she received from those she mailed each year. Oh, you have to give it up for her; her level of organization is amazing.
Jiffy, organize, delivery




As little Clara practiced her recital, it was like one watching a flower bloom. There was a lot about her that we had never noticed; it was refreshing not to mention eye-opening. For one that had lived most of her life in solitary confinement, her zest for life is amazing. You see, Clara’s earlier years were characterized by brutality and being locked up in a room only to receive a few meals from a mother that hated her to the core. The day she was able to taste freedom is the day that her mother breathed her last. Though it was sad that she never got to know her mum, Clara was glad that finally she would live a life worth living.

Today, as she prepares to give her first recital ever, nothing can dare spoil the mood; it’s one thing we’ve all been waiting for and we are glad that we are finally here. We are ready to watch her unfurl.
Recite, unfurl, solitary

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Like one in a trance,
I latched onto her hand like a tick,
I could swear I had seen something ooze out of my hand,
It was so gross that I could not take this sight,
Essy, took it upon herself to shake me back to life,
it was then that I realized the scene I’d created,
and how my eyes had played tricks on me

Ooze, lurch, trance


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When the pain is real
when the emotions are raw
When there’s nowhere to run
when the one safe heaven is now a battleground
when the friends and now more like predators
but I have come to learn that pain does not kill

No, I would not let it break me
I look on and forge a way forward
because my tomorrow is in my hands
my destiny needs to be lived
many are counting on me to become better
I will stand tall holding dear the lessons  I have learned from those before me

the journey, though long but success awaits,
we shall win,
as a team, as individuals.

It is well