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I believe that teachers of children having special needs can relate when I say that it is not a piece of cake to teach them. Nonetheless, that does not mean that we throw them to the back yard as condemned persons.

You will be amazed at how many have made it in life with spectacular results. That is why I thought it wise to share with you some tips on how you can garner results when teaching such children. This works for a parent or a teacher.

 Discover their strengths – As you prepare for that lesson, take the time to know more about your students strengths, and abilities by talking with previous tutors, looking through the report cards (focus on the good remarks and high scores). Then fill out a strength-based inventory alongside the parents. You also need to ask to your students about their interests, what they feel they are good at, and what they love studying. images (13)

Formulate strength-based learning techniques – Now that you are aware of your students’ special abilities, make it a point to come up with strategies that make use of those strengths. For example, if one of your students is great at drawing but has problems with reading, give him the opportunity to illustrate what he wants to say. If one child shows a strength in knitting yet can hardly understand place value, allow her to design a fabric piece of knitted numbers. There are several ways and projects that you can come up with by coupling your students’ strengths with their learning deficits.

I hope you can integrate these in your existent teaching plans for the best of your students.

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On this road I walk,

quiet yet not lonely,

As the rain hits the ground softly,

I drown into my own thoughts.


Reminiscing on the goodness of the Lord in my life,

I just can’t help it but say ,”Thank you.”

When all seemed vain, and the future seemed bleak,

You were there,

Holding my hand, telling me that You love me,

Which You actually do.


The journey still goes on, until you call me home,

I am ready to teach my children your ways,

Teach those far and near your precepts,

Gather my house for your service,

Sing about your favor and love,

Your goodness and mercies that are unending.


On this road I walk,

Quiet yet not lonely,

For I know that my Savior walks besides and with me daily



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“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the bride and groom to serve us their first meal,” said the master of ceremony.

images (6)So the cake was cut, after the champagne and party popper mess. It was fun to see everyone running  to a safe place as these zealous guys popped the champagne.

Then came the moment for the bride and groom to feed one another. In my culture, a lady kneels before her man as a sign of respect. So that is what the bride did to feed her husband. After the bride had done her thing, it was time for the groom to return the favor.

However, the bride kept telling the groom not to get her to sit on his laps. What gave me a hearty laugh was how she tried her best to communicate yet making sure that the cameras and the audience do not get a hold of what was happening.

I just happened to witness it all because I was holding the plate of cake for them.


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images (5)What better way to spend a Saturday night than at a friend’s wedding? You know those friends that turn into siblings, that’s what I am talking about.

It was a long time of preparation that paid off so well. Being in the matron’s seat for this sweet girl was the best highlight of my day.

Disappointments never fail to rear their ugly heads but hey, joy triumphs at the end of it all. That is exactly what happened. 9-01-16, went down as one of my best days of the year.

Great way to spend a Saturday evening/night.

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THIS IS YOUR SONG- Oluwa Eyin Lo’Atobiju

Written for Daily Post

PhoThis is a Nigerian song, but I shall explain it the way I understand it.

Looking at life and all it has thrown my way, I have come to realize that there is only one reason I am alive- Jesus Christ. He is the anchor of my life, He has fought my battles, He has given my life meaning. The list is endless, but He is the reason for my existence.

Take Him away, and my life crumbles.


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download (1)Many a times a soul is hurt, the pain spreads so fast like a poison. It stings so bad that your only desire is to seek vengeance. But the good book, The Bible, tells me that vengeance is the Lord’s. 

So what next, how can I deal with all this pain without paying back? That is the root of unforgiveness.

If vengeance is ingrained in your mind, there is no way you can forgive. That gives room for hatred, rage and all that.

You may feel right in your thinking but I beg to differ. When you do not forgive, you become a prisoner of your feelings.

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Choose to let go, allow forgiveness to wash away the pain, and let your Maker do what He does best. In due time, you shall become free and joyful.

There is no better way to live than to know that forgiveness is medicine to your soul. That is regardless of whether your offender apologizes or not. It is for you not the other party.

I pray that you shall choose forgiveness over unforgiveness. It keeps relationships well knit and more so family relationships.



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The last time, everything fit in three duffles. Packing up from one place to next seemed easy. It never took a week to pack up for a vacation.

However, that was ten years back. I have now established myself, and got a family of my own. So the notion of packing up for a vacation in just three duffles is close to a myth.

“Jessie, where are your sandals?”

“Mercy, may I have your pajamas, please?”

“Honey, do you remember where my hair drier is?”

That is how my packing goes for a week or so. Things get hidden under piles of clothes and there is need for the older people to cross check the bags lest we forget something.

Nonetheless, I love the growth, the joy of family, and I can not exchange it for a time without them.

I sure love my family, and I pray that God gives me the grace everyday to go the extra mile for everyone in my household.