Like one in a trance,
I latched onto her hand like a tick,
I could swear I had seen something ooze out of my hand,
It was so gross that I could not take this sight,
Essy, took it upon herself to shake me back to life,
it was then that I realized the scene I’d created,
and how my eyes had played tricks on me

Ooze, lurch, trance


image source: thecut.com



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While Sasha loved music, no amount of coercion would bring her to play her father’s organ. The room that contained it was one that held bitter memories for this beautiful young girl; her mother had died there. Besides that, the cover had a color so grim, it reminded her of cow hides and slaughtered cows. The thought of their blood spilling everywhere revolted her.

She kept her passion for school and church despite the need for music to brighten the gloomy Martins’ household.She hoped that one day, it would dawn on her rather uptight father hence make some changes.


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