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“I can not carry through with this pregnancy,” cried Paula.

“Why do you say so?” asked mother.

“The scan shows that its head will not have developed well by delivery time, ” she replied a midst bitter sobs.

“Oh dear, oh dear,” said mother sarcastically, “So who gave you the right to decide who lives and who doesn’t?”

“This is my life mother, will you be there when all goes A-Y ?” Paula asked bitterly.

“Darling, it is not about my presence or absence, but rather that the Lord has entrusted you with this life to nurture it until He calls him or her home,” said mum, in a gentler manner.

images (3)It is not my duty to tell you what you must or mustn’t do with the heart wrenching scan results. However, it is my joy to tell you that “He that watches over Israel does not sleep or slumber.”

He is not the cause of that deformity, but He allowed it to happen because “He shall not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability.” Trust Him to walk with you and carry you through this journey for “His grace is sufficient”, and “He is the God of all flesh, is there anything hard for Him?” Embrace each day as it comes, and choose to look out for the good.

You are not alone in this journey, with a child having special needs. Reach out, for many are willing to help you. But that is if you will ask.


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The first question that popped in her mind was, “What am I believing?” It had been a really rough journey for her. Her quest for a stable life had led her to look from one deity to the next. However, at the end of the day, she always felt manipulated, spent, and worse than before.

downloadShe needed a reason to believe, she needed something or someone that would not leave her high and dry. She needed that so bad because she was about to hung up the gloves on living.

That is when Holy Spirit screamed at me to do something. She had always lived a loner life, so no one seemed to guess what was right or wrong with her life. I gathered up all the courage I would muster, approached her and started talking to her about Christ, family, and life on a whole.

One topic led to the next, and before I knew it, by the grace of God, I had managed to break all the barriers and reach out to her broken soul. I am glad that I was able to point her to Christ. Then she started seeing that with Him, there was a reason to believe, live, and function normally.

10 years down the road, her life, family, career and spiritual life are blooming. I am glad I was given the opportunity to change a life for better.

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I am fascinated by languages and the desire to learn them is great. The only issue is that I have never succeeded in that arena.


Looking at people that switch from one language to the next puts a smile to my rather flustered face.



Master of all languages, that is my joy. May I have it, God? Please please, I promise to be a good girl with that gift, I promise.


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imagesWaking up in the morning, for the last few months, has found me wishing that the night could give me some more hours of rest. Nonetheless, I am up, catering to the needs of my household with the help of my sweet husband.

There is nothing as tiring as house work, so I think. Then, there is nothing as rewarding as a clean and tidy house.

It is just another day in my house, and just another smile of gratitude from a satisfied mother because of how it has all turned out.

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The last time, everything fit in three duffles. Packing up from one place to next seemed easy. It never took a week to pack up for a vacation.

However, that was ten years back. I have now established myself, and got a family of my own. So the notion of packing up for a vacation in just three duffles is close to a myth.

“Jessie, where are your sandals?”

“Mercy, may I have your pajamas, please?”

“Honey, do you remember where my hair drier is?”

That is how my packing goes for a week or so. Things get hidden under piles of clothes and there is need for the older people to cross check the bags lest we forget something.

Nonetheless, I love the growth, the joy of family, and I can not exchange it for a time without them.

I sure love my family, and I pray that God gives me the grace everyday to go the extra mile for everyone in my household.


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imagesAs a stay home mom for the moment, blogging is actually my private activity. My life is about home and how it runs.

“Mummy, I need water”, cries the older one.

“Mmhhh mmhhh”, muffles the little one.

“Carry me, carry me” or raised hands is a call for attention.

These and many more are calls you do not want to ignore lest the nagging goes on and you do less for yourself.

Basically, if it is not the children, it is housework, or my spiritual life or my husband or other private writing. After that, blogging can receive some attention.

In all that, I am glad that I am needed somewhere yet also have the chance to do something for myself.

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I have loved you from the time I knew of your existence. Sickness wanted to rob me of you but I fought with all I had for your survival; on my knees, with treatment. I am glad that we progressed so well thereafter. It was not journey without problems. But I chose to bear it all because I knew that one day, we shall laugh together.

2- 4x6  Salomon  (3)After a long and straining struggle, you came to me. You were small, but all that mattered is that you were alive and well. I watched as my Father weaved His hand of love in your life. You blossomed, fought all manner of disease that the enemy threw at you.

Now you stand tall. You are a big boy of almost 2 years. Sometimes I do not understand you, but from today I promise to give you the time to be you. Even when you are so clingy, you are my bundle of joy.

I didn’t treat you right the other day, and I am so sorry about that. I pray that everyday I shall learn to let the baby in you evolve and become who God intended you to be. I promise to walk with you on this journey and give you the help that you need being the mother that God desires me to be to you.