You can’t dispute the fact and truth that some fathers are immature and because of that immaturity, we suffer in the following ways:

1. In the natural

A) Leadership
– Emotionally.
– Socially.
– Psychologically.

B) Oppressed children – turn to rage / rebellion.
C) Orphans will search for years for heritage and not have boundaries.

Thus, if you don’t restore earthly fatherhood – spiritual growth and fatherhood will be stunted.

2. Spiritually
When people of God refuse maturity in Christ they are judged in the following ways:

A. They will find themselves with immature leaders (Is 3: 4, 5; I Cor 4:15 – “boy-leaders).
B. Oppression (Is 3:5).
C. Desiring identity (Is 3: 6, 7; 4:1) “…seven women will take one man…”

Our growths and semblance are at stake because of immaturity. We have encrusted our values with the world view yet we ought to get our way of doing things from God, our Creator.

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While Sasha loved music, no amount of coercion would bring her to play her father’s organ. The room that contained it was one that held bitter memories for this beautiful young girl; her mother had died there. Besides that, the cover had a color so grim, it reminded her of cow hides and slaughtered cows. The thought of their blood spilling everywhere revolted her.

She kept her passion for school and church despite the need for music to brighten the gloomy Martins’ household.She hoped that one day, it would dawn on her rather uptight father hence make some changes.


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On an afternoon like any other, you left home. I was sure you would return, I looked forward to then, so I would share some great news with you. Sat so I did, call, I tried, but all in vain.

Missing person, you became. But how would my darling lose his way home? He was not senile. But someone saw to it, that he stayed that for so long.

Crying me to sleep, going through days without purpose because it I had lost it with you.

I hoped I would see you at the front door, telling me how you’d stayed so long sorting out something. But that was a dream. I never thought you had ended up here, dying alone, in a miserable manner.

They may have taken you from me, but your memory still stands. You will always be, the best there will ever be.

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You served me unreservedly,
ready every morning,
drove through the dusty roads,
the water-logged roads,
you served well indeed.

Looking back,
I would never have
asked for another companion,
you never failed me at all.

You may be out of shape,
but never out of my heart,
I owe a lot to you,
I am indebted to you,
dear, Daisy May

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I hated the trek back home, more so after a downpour. Why did mother persist on me walking home alone? Why did she forbid from walking with the other children? It made me feel a loner, antisocial and not wanted.

Mother never seemed to understand that at all. She never seemed to value friendships at all. All she ever said was that friends were a recipe for my failure.

Well, I never saw it that way; Laura always helped me with Maths problems, Max helped me improve my acting, and Lauraine cheered me on during class presentations. They were great girls, but all that comradery was meant to stop at school regardless of how much I wanted them to become a part of my life.

Why did mother have to make school days so tasteless? She had had her share of disappointments, but did she have to mould my life by them? So I chose to enjoy all the time I could at school because I could not fight her or make her understand; God knew that I had tried in vain.


I had just finished college only to return to an empty house. No one had called or sent a message to this effect so I was left in utter confusion. What had happened to mother and father? How about my siblings? Where were they?

As I scratched my head, a lady walked in, “Hello,” I said. With a quizzical look, she said, “Who are you? I was told that the house was ready for my arrival!”

Now the pieces were starting to fall in place, but not the one about where my next home was located. Asking about the former residents of the house were, she stormed out of the house muttering some words under her breath.

With nothing left for me there, I headed for the canal to board the ferry to grandma’s place. I was sure, I would get answers there, maybe also find my family.

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Moving from a very hot if not arid area, Martha was glad to get an apartment that had a tree to offer shade during the sunny times. The coolness in her bedroom was amazing; it’s what she’d wanted for a long while. She made a mental note to leave the window open on hot nights so that they would all enjoy the coolness.

However, after a few weeks down the road, her children begun complaining about things disappearing from the house. She had also noticed that some of her jewellery was missing.

It being a Saturday, they promised to keep a night’s vigil to see what happened while they slept. With lights off, they waited. Before long, a small boy crept through the window and begun looking for whatever he would carry.

Switching on the lights suddenly, they realised that it was one of the neighbour’s children. Charges were placed the next day and got someone to bring the tree down. It was sad to see it go.