Phrases such as, “You complete me” are so common in dating times.

I believe in love, but I beg to differ. No man can complete another. My reason for that is that because man can not give breathe to you or add another year to your life, they can not in any way complete you.

Only our Creator can complete us. We have a void, that only His love can fill up. Do you wonder why there are very many divorces and separations today? The answer is that we are all looking at man to complete us and when they fail, because they surely will, we move on in search of another who might have what the last one lacked. However, we are disappointed when we discover that the next person also has something lacking.

Some people have turned to their jobs to fill them up hence workaholics. However, they have not come out complete but rather burned out.

If we can teach our children that no one but God can complete them, then we will go on to nurture within them a personal relationship with Jesus Christ . That way, they will not go into marriage with the drive and need for their husbands to complete them. They will get there whole and complete. So all their husbands will do is to compliment them and it will put pressure out of the marriage making it blissful. While the boys will not go after sugar mummies or move from one woman to next for sex. They will have it ingrained in them that no material thing is good enough.

When parents teach their children to appreciate themselves before others do, they will not be hungry for compliments about their looks, garments and the like. They will not go out of their way to buy the latest things as a way to garner more friends. That is because they will know that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Parents, let us teach our children to find completeness in Jesus Christ and not in man or material possessions.

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The sun scorched everything in its wake. Sitting at a camping site ground showed no sign of life apart from a few shrubs.The bench that held the weight of my rather tired body, seemed to ask for a bit of rest. Its only problem was that no one was willing to grant it that request.

After the death of my papa, life seemed to have dried up in and around me. I wondered what the next course of action would be. I had to get up and start what I had put to rest. But looking around for a helping hand seemed to yield no results. It seemed better to stay here and wallow in what life had sent my way.

The wind blew and there I heard a silent still voice. It may have just been in my head but I heard it. “Arise, for in you lies the strength for your future.”

It didn’t make sense, but I said to me self, “It is time to stop dwelling on the past and choose to look forward.”

Putting aside the pity party and choosing not to look at the world in grey shades, I knew that it was time to put on my dancing shoes once again. I would head for the ballroom once again to train the children that had once filled my heart with joy and pride.

What is it that bothers you today? Choose to look for the good in life today. You may have lost a loved one but it does not help to stay rooted in that space of time. Trust me, because they love you, they would not be happy to see you in a pity party instead of making the best of your life.

Allow the light to return to your world, choose to live once again.


imagesIf we were having coffee today,  I would tell you that I am thankful for my little ones. The milestones that they have hit are so amazing. It is really a joy to see them grow and blossom.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you about how far I have come with my blog. I am glad that I can write a story out of a picture. Years back, that was impossible.

If we were having coffee today,  I would tell you how passionate I am about parenting and children with special needs. That is why I started my blog and I thrilled that I have learned how to talk about these subjects even in a photo challenge.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you how bothered I am with family planning methods. I have tried a number of them and I hate the way they mess up my body. Oh these hormones, I hate them.images (1)

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I am glad that I embarked on the journey called salvation. It has not been easy. However, when I look back, I am glad that I made the first step.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I can not wait to turn my blog page into a fully fledged website. Oh how I long for that day. Finances, where are you? I need you here, duty calls.

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She strummed away, with no worries to speak of. Her life had been so bad that learning how to play a guitar was the best thing that had happened in her life.

Many had said that with ADHD, she would never learn the art of playing. However, her passion had driven her to go against all odds.

It may have taken longer than usual but the passion that burned within her pushed her forward. Watching her, lost in her world, is so beautiful I could tear.

I am proud of you Olive, I now know, that not even the sky is the limit. I can’t wait for your next conquest.





Memoirs from yesteryear

She was indeed a FRIEND from hell. She warmed her way into our hearts in a rather stealthy yet profound manner. Her smile was warm yet her heart so guarded. We tried to unravel her mystery but it was her well kept secret.  However, little by little, she had us around her finger. We did all that we could to please her without even questioning her moves. Oh how devious she was. Before we knew it, we were giving up our long kept secrets to her. Now that I look I can’t help but notice how TWISTED she was. She left a trail of broken hearts, messed up relationships but the LESSONS learned were immense


Marriage gone sour

“Is Clare your FRIEND?” asked Emily. “Oh yes,” replied a rather absent minded Amy.

That was asked on a Monday morning. An inquiry that passed on without much thought. Juggling a career life, a stormy marriage, and her children seemed to take up most of Amy’s life. Life seemed rather TWISTED, something that she always thought was her fault.

Emily came by on Sunday afternoon to help Amy with some  issues. So they got talking about anything and everything.

That is when she dropped a life sucking question. “Your husband is seeing Clare, do you know that?” asked Emily. Silence followed after that. Who would want such news that on a hot Sunday afternoon?

She had done all she could to hold the marriage together. However, after a lot of thinking, she drew some LESSONS  from all the chaos. The days that followed were days of self-realization and re-inventing the wheel. Hard times, but great for her future life.


Her little miracle

Sarah was expecting her first child and the first person to know was her childhood FRIEND. They had talked about children since their teenage years. They discussed a lot about parenting that they believed they were ready.

However, no one had prepared Sarah for the news that the pregnancy scan presented. Her child had problems with limb formation. After picturing a perfect baby, this piece of information changed her life from straight and great to TWISTED  and messed.

Confiding in Prisca  about what the future held did not help matters at all. All she told her was , “Abort that misfit.” Broken and torn with no one to run to since she was a total orphan, she turned to the one person that had never given up on her, God. She poured her heart out to Him and was surprised at the comfort and peace she felt.

Holding onto the pregnancy a midst her fears and advice from Prisca, she brought her baby home. Despite the little limbs, she is enjoying motherhood. Her faith and trust in God is greater than before and the LESSONS learned are great.


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images (7)She moved around as though she were a zombie. Nothing seemed to matter or make sense anymore.She felt like she had done all she knew how but nothing was working out. Her marriage was on the brink of divorce and she believed that her husband was to blame.

She had prayed, fasted, cleaned up, tidied up but nothing good was coming out of it. She had even feigned interest in love making but all was like pouring a basin of water in an ocean expecting it to change levels.

Her life was marked with bitterness, rage, anger, unforgiveness, and all this had slowly poisoned her and her marriage.

As a last resort, she spoke to one of the ladies at her church for help. images (6)


“She was exhausted, her talk oozed of anger and bitterness, there was not a strain of joy left in her!!” exclaimed this elderly lady.

“No marriage or relationship for that matter can survive under such conditions,” she added.

“From our talk, I knew that if we could bring forgiveness to the table, whether the husband apologizes or not, we would be on our way to save the marriage.”


Fast forward

What seemed an insurmountable problem, was leveled on the grounds of forgiveness, love, and learning to carry her problems to her Maker. It was not a journey devoid or relapses, but the results were worth the trouble. She can now smile and live a happy life yet still married.

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