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Parents, we have learned a lot over the years. It is our experience that gives us something to offer our children; otherwise, we would be a blank slate. However, in as much as you have got all that experience under your belt, do your child a favour, do not throw it in their face.

Allow your child to learn on their own as well. Give them the chance to experiment; within limits. Otherwise, you would be no better than one that locks their child up in the house with the hope that they are shielding them from the wrong elements. That is pillaging personified.

While you may filter what they can or can not do; which is obviously your responsibility, do not close them off totally.

I know, you may say, ‘better to protect than be sorry’, but the price of a dysfunctional or half-baked child is one that is too high to pay. It’s a bounty one does not want on their head

Happy Parenting


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He was tired, actually, worn out. He’d tried to be clean but all it ever lasted was a week, and he was back, harder than before. The pressure to turn the corner was intensifying. While he wanted to change, more than anyone could imagine, he had lost all sense of direction.

He was not sure what led to it all, but Danny had flipped. I guess the need to please those in his life had finally cracked him. It was now harder to hold down a job, not to mention find one. Besides that, his marriage was surviving by the thread and his children barely knew him anymore.

His family had tried all they could, but nothing had yielded any tangible result. Not until he was celebrating his fortieth birthday, did he recognise how much he had lost and how bleak the future looked.

That was the trigger he’d needed all this while to take the reins of his life back.

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is the love you shower me with,
you crafted me,
without you,
I am nothing,
You are the very centre of my life,
my Lord, my God,
I am indebted to you.

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They heard of your voice,
and tremble they did,
I wondered.

In all they did with you,
they showed lukewarm interest,
seemingly in need to be elsewhere,
it was an eerie sight.

At the sound of your voice,
all they heard was anger,
and all that came with it.

Leave the demons of yesteryears behind,
let the pain go,
hold it no more,
give rejection no foothold,
so you can raise your children,
minus the shadows,
they need you,
but at the moment,
they can’t stand you.

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I heard that it was over,
but my dear,
when did it start?

You enjoyed my visits,
enjoyed that I did chores around your house,
enjoyed my company,
but detested my presence before your peers.

I am aware of all you said,
how I am good for nothing,
a pile of lazy bones,
yet I cleaned up after you,
mopped your floor,
did your laundry.

Why did I fool me’self,
that you would come to see good in me,
that you would eventually love me,
that you would criticise me no more,
that you would see me past my help,
mhhh, how I fooled me!!

Guess it is time to wrap up,
I am not a house help,
I have value,
value beyond doing chores,
goodbye false hope,
my world,
here I come!@#@

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I have expectations of you,
for not only are you the best,
you are God’s best.

despite the seriousness of life,
never forget to give a smile,
it is rare in this day and age.

no matter how juicy something may seem,
always take some time to think it through,
ask the Holy Spirit to guide you,
juicy may sometimes mean evil.

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