Although he was also cursed, he was satisfied that the first phase of his mission had been accomplished. He had successfully caused man to forfeit his God-ordained authority upon the earth, severed the relationship between man and God, and drew battle lines between man and woman. Now he would always have the woman as an open door to get to the man, using her power of influence, her charms, her tongue and her body to penetrate the man’s exterior. We see a lot if that today – look at our dressing as females today. While we call it style and fashion, the enemy has carved a winning ploy through it.

And he would use the man against the woman to cast blame and inflict authority rather than inspire submission. He would use man’s confusion to victimise that which he should protect.

We now all stand as witnesses to the damage done in the Garden. We now have resorted to considering the idea that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus” in order to explain our differences. But, the truth is, no matter how clever the cliché, we are not from different planets. Our origin is much closer: We are part of one another with visible and invisible differences. We are made to benefit, not be at odds with one another.

Understanding and celebrating our differences instead of blaming and shaming is the first step we must take.
God did not design a man’s world but rather where man and woman work together in peaceful harmony, building one another up and promoting each other to good works – namely our God-given assignments on the earth – that others would observe the fruit of our lives and give glory to God.

We women lost it when we failed to recognise our own unique power. Instead we got locked into a power struggle that never existed from God’s vantage point. With everyone defending themselves, we are all losing ground.

It’s time to take off the boxing gloves and allow God to redistribute His first commission to us – man and woman both in power because of their status as complementary partners.

Let’s take a look at Eve again. We need to remember, in order to start feeling valuable and powerful, that man needs help. Man does not do well without woman. God has given each of us specific gifts in order to equip us to be a specific man’s helper. Your gifts may differ from that of another sister, and that’s only because she was created to assist a different type of man. This is why you must understand that not just any man will do for you, or vice versa.

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He knew God’s plan for man and he had to abort it at all costs. He knew from experience that rebellion was the one thing God would not allow in His presence. He had to cause a breach in Adam and Eve’s relationship with God.

He also knew never to underestimate the power of woman. He knew the effect she had on a man. This is why she became his target.
Instead of finding themselves like God, the only thing they really knew was that they were now ashamed of their nakedness.

Eve discovered something else: When man was ashamed, he became insecure. And when he became insecure, he became defensive and cast blame upon her. She became the enemy in the midst of his shame and failure.

Failure was a weight that Adam could not bear. It emasculated him in the presence of Eve. Because he submitted to the woman’s hand that held the fruit, he would now have to struggle for her respect and submission for the rest of his days.

The enemy, unlike what many of us have been made to believe, is very alert. His undulating moves and trickery are out to usurp us of our God given nature and ability. We need to redeem the time, save the younger generation for the times are evil.

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We need to teach our girls the Bibilical truth, not what the world calls truth.

The treats that world offers only trap us rather than free us. Let’s start from the garden of Eden:

Because of Eve’s deception, some things in the Garden of Eden changed. From that day forward she would feel the pain of childbirth, a pain that she had caused God to feel when she wrenched herself from His protective womb to become master of her own destiny.

No one’s position in the garden has changed; man was responsible for covering and leading woman from the beginning.

But now, any woman, married or single, would find herself always striving to have man bend to her will. She would seek to grasp total fulfilment from man, to receive complete a affirmation from him, but she would never achieve this fulfilment because no human being could be her completion.

The curse caused the heart of woman to say to man, “I need you to be willing to do anything for me, including disobeying God if that’s what it takes to make me feel loved, desired, worthy and ful lled.”

The fall caused the God-given desire in her heart for man to be perverted into a need for him for all the wrong reasons.

Man could never live up to the void the fall created, so woman’s exaggerated need for man became her bondage. Her desire for him would now “rule” over her and colour all of her decisions as she constantly strove to gain his love in a spot reserved for God alone.

Adam abdicated his role as protector of Eve. He chose to wilfully follow her into disobedience, and now he would get to see how it felt to have the object of his afection rebel against him.

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Deuteronomy 6:6 And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart
7 You shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

Teaching our children the ways of the Lord is not a Sunday issue, nor is it for the Sunday school teachers. It is primarily for us; the parents and should be done always. There is never too much of the word of God; we need it every passing moment for in it contains a solution for every issue you may ever face.

Besides, as you feed them on this Word, they will repel the habits that you once hated to see in them. And on the contrary, teaching them His ways at a tender age doesn’t make them allergic to wholesome living; they actually do it in a healthy manner.






For long, we have been told by the world how to take care of our children. However, the viable way is no longer good enough, it ought to be the right way. I understand that change has never been easy, but we have to make a choice; a decision. Now is the time, to take back the reins and take care of our children His way.

We cannot sit and watch as generations devoid of the knowledge of their Creator continue to make decisions that are not right yet affect us all. But they cannot raise themselves up, we have to take a stand; we have to do something. It is now or never.

Join  me as we discover from the manual (Bible) how to parent her children.




Like one with the magnetic attraction,
the children drew to her,
I wondered what made her so tick,
I wondered what it was about her that the children saw,
Now, 10 years down the road,
as I watch her casket pass through the streets,
and the children try to dignify her last hours here,
paying homage as best as they can,
I see children that I had last seen in ages passed,
Now turned into responsible people,
and it dawns on me,
that she indeed made a huge impact in their lives,
they are because she was.
Magnetic, homage, dignify





Times have changed and they continue to do so. And it is therefore priceless that we do something beautiful for someone every day. It doesn’t have to be so much; it can be as small and effortless as a smile. You never know what that smile could do for someone. In a world filled with isolations, where depression is hitting a high and we are not so sure what tomorrow holds; times are critical. Let us continue to do the little things to boost one another. One act of kindness can lift someone from the dumps to a brighter day

Priceless, continue, critical


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