You have given of yourself every day, and I commend you for that. Early you rise up to get your family ready for the day. Breakfast is ready and always tasty, our clothes are well pressed and we are always smart and neat. As the day wears on, you are in the kitchen preparing meals, in the laundry room washing, in the compound sweeping. Your day is so swamped that you take your meals late. I actually heard you the other day complain about dizziness but trudged on. But what hurts is that there is no day that someone looks out for you. Honestly, we appreciate your efforts, but I know that we want you around for longer. So can you love us more by taking of yourself too? For an hour or so, lose yourself in you. No, it is not mean of you, it is the best gift you can give us. Your smile will be missed if you were to fall sick. Not that you have never fallen sick, you have only mastered the art to work despite the pain and illness. An evening with your friends will do you good to revive your spirit, to laugh away without a worry. Allowing someone to share the housework with or completely take over will not mean you are less of a woman. We appreciate your efforts, mother, but we ask that you slow down and think of you as well.