Some people come up to me and say, “I haven’t drank in 20 years, I don’t have any problems.” I usually ask them some questions.

You see, all you need to do to examine if the curse of alcohol is at work is to ask some questions, such as, “How is your married life?” “How are your finances?” Well I got fired and lost everything. “How is the rest of your family?” Well, you may answer, “my son was selected for the prison table tennis team. My daughter with the nasty little cocaine habit has run off with a singer in a rock band and is pregnant again. But I don’t drink anymore, I have been delivered.”

No, you are not delivered or healed. What I hear is that you don’t drink anymore, but the curse of alcoholism is still working in your life. You are an Alcoholic after Sobriety, but you can get free from it. There is a Balm in Gilead available to you.


Father in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, I repent and receive forgiveness for my sins and those of my ancestors of drinking alcohol. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I break the following family line curses of drinking alcohol:

  • The curse of destruction,
  • The curse of destruction of the family,
  • The curse of causing your neighbour to drink,
  • And the curse of poverty.

I now declare that all of the judgments, iniquities, and whoredom, are broken in Jesus Name.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I now break all of the alcoholic patterns of destruction, patterns of treating my spouse and kids like an alcoholic, patterns of handling finances like an alcoholic, eating like an alcoholic, driving like an alcoholic, thinking like an alcoholic, and feeling like alcoholic.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I also break the curse and patterns of denial and ask You Lord to show me every time I am in denial. I now root out all of the alcoholic patterns in myself and family.

I break the patterns of the dysfunctional family and choose to stand and take only my God-given place in the family order. I break the patterns and command all of the spirits, of the scapegoat, the family clown, the hero, the victim and the rescuer to leave me in Jesus name.

I break the pattern of protecting the alcoholic at all cost, and the pattern of projection, (turning things around and blaming the innocent). I also break the pattern of not wanting to take responsibility for personal actions in Jesus name.

In the Name of Jesus, I speak to my mind to wake up and I release the Resurrection Life of the Holy Spirit to all of the brain cells that were killed by the use of alcohol or drugs, and I command them to come back to life.

I declare that I have the mind of Christ and I declare freedom from all hangovers, cloudiness, forgetfulness, blackouts, headaches, drugged or anesthetized mind, dullness of mind and emotions in Jesus Name.

I reclaim my mind and I speak to it to function properly as Jesus intended when I was created.

I now receive healing and I declare a purging out of me of any toxins left in my body or organs as a result of my parents’ or my use of alcohol or drugs. I receive cleansing of my body, soul and spirit and restoration of health and wholeness to me in Jesus Name.

I realize, Lord, that this is a process and not an event. With Your power and authority I will take back what the enemy has stolen from me and my family in Jesus Name.

I also realize that it is step by step and that deliverance and emotional healing is needed to walk free from this bondage.

Holy Spirit, I give you full permission to expose every stronghold of the enemy in my life. I realize that there are many emotional wounds that need to be healed and I now receive Your healing Balm of Gilead poured into every wound generational and personal in Jesus Name.

I renounce every ungodly lie I ever believed (mention every lie), and I choose to nail every lie to the Cross in Jesus Name. Lord, I choose to believe Your Word and I commit to daily study and meditation of your word to renew my mind.

I now declare in Jesus name that there is total restoration to me and my family of all the years that the locusts have eaten, in Jesus Name. AMEN!

Credits : Amanda Buys.

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