BREAKING THE CURSE OF ALCOHOLISM – 7 Alcoholic Family Personalities

Once again, the alcohol demons fall under the category of family destruction. The entire family can take on alcoholic characteristics that require deliverance, even though one may never have taken a drink. Each member of the family is required or expected to move and act as pawns in a chess game. Demonic oppression can be dictating their lives.

When children from alcoholics grow up, they tend to either become rescuers or deniers. Demonic roles are the same from all dysfunctional families. (religious, alcoholic, or drug.)

1 Samuel 18:18 David said to Saul, Who am I, and what is my life or my father’s family in Israel, that I should be the king’s son-in-law?

Scripture reveals that a person’s life is often wrapped up or bound with family patterns:

1) Rescuer, usually first born.

  • Overly responsible, substitute parent.
  • Feel they have to always overachieve.
  • Called to be a person for others.
  • All things to all people.
  • Service to others is it’s own reward.
  • Needs of others must be meet before your own.
  • Strive to be perfect.
  • Shoulder the responsibilities of people outside their circle of responsibility.
  • Have difficulty having fun, never played growing up.

2) Scape Goat

  • It’s always their fault, take on all the blame.
  • Under achiever.
  • Hear constant voices of failure, you can’t do it.
  • Fear of punishment.
  • Fear of people’s anger.
  • Always the one in trouble.
  • The family’s way of not looking at reality.
  • What do I have to do to get people to pay attention to me?
  • Relives parents’ fears.

3) Family Clown often the youngest

  • Very bright, witty.
  • Performs a lot.
  • Keeps the family laughing. You might think therefore he doesn’t have a problem.
  • Often very detained.
  • Hiding real self from people, (I can’t let them see me hurting) lives secretive.
  • Irresponsible with life, lives for fun.

4) Lost middle child

  • Withdrawn
  • Victim.
  • Fantasy (maturing process block lives in unreal world).
  • Idolatry of father.
  • If male, often weak.
  • Female, fantasy, Dad’s little princess; pamper me, take care of me.
  • Have hard time with real life, money, work, and people who don’t recognize I’m a queen/king, it’s your job to take care of me attitude.
  • The one that never gets in deliberate trouble.
  • Blames others for their problems.
  • Rescue me, Cinderella attitude.

Other Phases include:

  • The con artist.
  • The aggressive, irresponsible. Has to be taught, this one ends up in a reform school.
  • The anxious/fearful fear arrests life-maturing processes, obsessive.
  • The grouchy, irritable, snobbish, don’t touch me.
  • The sex addict.
  • The lethargic, self pity, remorse, despair.

Where do you belong? Never mind, there is help on the way.

Credits: Amanda Buys


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