BREAKING THE CURSE OF ALCOHOLISM – 5 Alcohol Spirits And Patterns In The Scriptures

Isaiah 28:7 But even these reel from wine and stagger from strong drink: the priest and the prophet reel from strong drink; they are confused from wine, they stagger and are gone astray through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble when pronouncing judgment.

Here we see spirits of error and stumbling in judgment. Many alcoholics have a real problem working for someone else. They have trouble submitting to a boss, thinking that they can do everything better by themselves, or hating to be instructed. They are loners. They break off relationships and have a hard time getting along with anyone. Get rich quick schemes become a way of life because they are always trying to figure out a way not to work.

Lust develops patterns as well in the life of the alcoholic. Always lusting after the material as well as physical or sexual desires.

The alcoholic develops patterns on how they treat others. Promises, promises, is a sure way to destroy relationships by eroding trust. The alcoholic promises the world and can’t deliver anything.

The husband can’t trust the wife and vice-versa. One is always suspicious of the other spending money, having an affair, or even simply having a life outside of the home. Broken promises also destroy trust and love between the parents and the children. Children develop unworthiness because they sometimes reason themselves to blame for why promises made them are never kept.

Broken promises opens the door for fear, rejection from father and mother, abuse, molestation, schizophrenia, fear of abandonment, resentment, rebellion, loneliness, and hatred for parents.

The alcoholic is so caught up in their own little world they rarely see what the Alcoholic Syndrome is doing to their children. They just wonder why Bobby and Sally are so rebellious, get bad grades, never want to talk or be around the family, and won’t listen to instruction etc…

The alcoholic can never seem to put two and two together and realize that it is the spirits of alcohol having their way with the family. If this wasn’t true then there would be no such thing as Children of Alcoholics or Adult Children of Alcoholics.

The alcoholic tends to be a user of other people and their resources. If one continues to take and take and take, the bucket will soon run out. In the marriage, when one is a taker and never a giver, the spouse that is the giver soon empties and says, “You know what? You’re on your own. I’m out of here.” Everyone gets tired of that after a while.

The abuse, control, fear, and uncertainty, piles up and finally one breaks, quits and leaves. This is where divorce comes in.

The same holds true for the church. If you keep taking and taking and never give, it will dry up. Someone has to do the praying. Don’t be one of these who run from church to church never settling in or developing roots.

So often people just run from their problems. If the Lord begins to deal with you in an area, often the undisciplined spirit, or little girl/little boy spirit will manifest and you’ll want to go because you don’t “like it here anymore.”

Are you one of these people who show up at a deliverance service every now and then to receive prayer, but after gaining some freedom or some of the pressure has been lifted off of your life, you never pray for someone else?

God doesn’t need vessels to store His blessings, (He has plenty of those) He needs broken vessels to pour out and to share His blessings with the people. This behavior goes back to selfishness often found in the alcoholic.

Arrested Development is another pattern that goes along with the alcoholic syndrome. The alcoholic is usually like a young child inside and as we pointed out above, their life revolves around them. (Me Myself, and I). Self-pity takes over when things don’t go their way. The mind, will, and emotions being damaged, never develop. Patterns of shame, rejection, and destruction become a way of life.

Credits: Amanda Buys


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