Dealing with “INTENTIONAL” separation

What about DIVORCE, suicide, or REBELLIOUS separation?

This can WOUND a person even more than the normal death of a loved one since it involves the CHOICE of a living person to abandon his/her family. There is the PAIN of loss AS WELL AS the pain of REJECTIONA SPIRIT WOUND! BETRAYAL!

Added to this is usually a burden of GUILT over how things MIGHT have gone differently. “WHAT IF ... ?” With these kinds of SEPARATION there are underlying spiritual principles or laws that have been VIOLATED. The CONSEQUENCES of the sin of that event and those sins that led up to it must be DEALT with thoroughly.

SUICIDE carries even more PAIN — it is so final. The act of suicide is inherently anti-relational and can produce GAPING personal WOUNDS. Unanswered questions abound — “How could (so-and-so) just leave us like that?” This kind of pain is the most INTENSE kind of anguish, wounding, and ANGER.

Both GRIEVING and FORGIVING often takes longer. SELF-forgiveness and forgiveness of GOD (for allowing the events) may be especially DIFFICULT. (These are very important guidelines, because many people do not know how to and sometimes never work through grief.)

Credits – Amanda Buys


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