Sometimes we can be so busy praying for our deliverance that we have no time for our Deliverer.

Jesus came to speak with the impotent man and initiate a relationship with him, but the man immediately began making excuses and explained his struggle. During our dark times, worship is often more appropriate than prayer.

When we pray, we are often focused on our need. When we worship, we are focused on Him. Prayer can be a great challenge for those who have experienced great tragedy. Tragedy seems to stand in opposition of the famous blessing Scriptures of the Bible, and prayer often confronts this paradox.

I’m praying for a miracle, and a miracle is exactly what I didn’t receive. How is that, LORD?” The questioning can turn sour. I’m not advocating a blind ignoring of the paradox, but I am advocating tender times of worship from a position of surrender.

Worship first, question second. This is the pattern Job established. The LORD loves you, and the world needs you. Jesus asks today, “Will you be made whole?” He doesn’t ask this question with His Fingers crossed. He asks it knowing that He has the power to help you answer, “yes”. Will you be made whole? I know you will.

Grieving OTHER losses
There are many OTHER TYPES of death to be dealt with, each having their own issues:
– Miscarriages,
– Abortions,
– Infant death,
– Death due to tragic accidents,
– Serious illness,
– Death of older persons,
– Romantic break-ups, DIVORCE,
– Close friendships now lost.

Some guidelines for these losses are:
– AGREE with GOD that it is all right for this person to be gone.
– DEAL with GUILT over past relationships or unfinished business.
– RELEASE from any bonding to the person.
– Cope with the PAIN of separation.
– Allow yourself to GRIEVE.

Some of the steps to HEALING of grief are:
– Acknowledge the TRUTH of what happened.
– Allow yourself to FEEL the pain.
– Experience Jesus in the separation event.
– GIVE your pain and damaged EMOTIONS to HIM.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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