Keys that will help us answer this question, cont’d…

3) Acknowledge that you can answer yes to the question.
For some, the big hurdle will be admitting the problem and the need for healing, but for others, the challenge will be admitting that they can be healed.

Your situation is not hopeless. Believe us, we are not writing these statements flippantly. We know the deep pain of failure and loss. We know how hopeless it feels when someone from the outside says there is hope. Even so, we say, there is hope!

Do you remember where this story occurred? It occurred in Jerusalem. The impotent man thought, I have experienced 38 years of failure. How could I ever be made whole?

Jesus thought … “I am standing in Jerusalem. In three short years, I will be crucified outside this very city. I will rip the keys of authority out of satan’s hand, and I will rise from the dead and forever crush death, hell, and the grave — how can you not be made whole?” We can answer “yes” because of He Who asks the question.

4) Answer the question.
Once you evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly, you still have to answer the question. If you don’t answer it, you might not get the wholeness. What if this man had ignored Jesus? At least he calledJesus, “Sir”.

What if he had cursed Jesus and said, “Get out of my way. I’m waiting for the troubling of the water!”

The LORD may have healed him out of pity, but He may have left and looked for someone like blind Bartimaeus.

Jesus may heal you simply because He loves you, but the New Testament is clear that the majority of those who were healed cried out to the Son of David for mercy.

“I have no one, LORD … but I’ll not miss the day of my visitation. I will be made whole!” You don’t have to feel whole to say “yes”.

One of the great aspects of Christianity is that we can answer the question on behalf of someone else. What if you have a spouse or a family member or a loved one who is answering their potential with their impotency? What if Jesus speaks to them and they say, “I have no one LORD.”

I know I can’t get anyone to the pool on my own, but I can approach the Throne of Grace and say … “LORD, since it’s You Who asks and empowers, I say on their behalf ‘YES’, they will be made whole”.

5) Answer the question with more than words.
Jesus asked the question. He gave space to hear the answer, and then He said, “Rise, take up your bed.” Jesus used a very strong word when He said, “rise.” The word rise means two things in the Greek language:

▪️It is a command for the dead to be raised. This is the Divine element in our healing. The dead can do nothing to raise themselves.

▪️It means to wake up and become attentive to one’s dangerous position. This is our part of the bargain. We must have divine empowerment, but we must also do our part to respond.

There are several ways that we can practically respond to His question. Two of them are:
a) Keep standing, and b) Remember, you are a tree of righteousness.

You may have gone through hell, but you didn’t stop! You’re still here. You’re still standing.

You may be lying down on the inside, feeling utterly defeated and forlorn; but do you remember that Isaiah tells us that even vigorous young men stumble badly (utterly fall)?

Do you recall what he says they should do? Just wait. Do nothing but stand and wait for the Most High to revive you. The LORD commends you today for standing.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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