Five keys that will help us answer this question:

1) Acknowledge the question.
Will you be made whole? The question contains a future verb tense. You’re not whole now, and you must acknowledge your condition. It’s okay to admit that you’re living in a dazed state of disorientation. If all your theology makes perfect sense immediately after bereavement, you are probably in a bit of denial. GOD can handle your humanity.

The man in our story wasn’t even sure if Jesus was GOD, and yet he eventually testified before the entire pack of unbelieving religious leaders.

You can be real. You must be real.

Problems don’t improve if left to themselves. For example, marriages do not positively evolve over the years. They require work and a consistent commitment to honestly face the issues. You probably don’t want to be real in every setting and with every person.

The clerk in the grocery store may not really want to know the depths of your confusion and pain when she asks you how you’re doing.

The casual acquaintance at church may be a little alarmed if you unload both barrels in the foyer before service.

Most times do call for honesty. If you can’t be honest with your friends, find new friends.

That isn’t said in a cold or critical way. Though, we say it very seriously.

When we walk through the dark night of our soul, we need more mature friends who don’t feel the need to fix us or answer the tough questions. Sometimes all they do is cry. Sometimes that is the only appropriate response. You need friends like that. Acknowledge the question.

2) Acknowledge who is asking the question.

I said this is a terrible question (and it really is), until you acknowledge who is asking it. Who is asking the question? Jesus is! The Saviour is posing the question to your hurting soul today.

He wasn’t just the Saviour two thousand years ago … He’s the Savior today. He wasn’t just your Saviour 1, 10, or 40 years ago when you were born again … He’s your Saviour right now.

This isn’t some stranger over a cash register, this is your Redeemer. This is the Lover of your soul Who has taken the time to count every hair on your head. This is Jesus. This is your FATHER. He loves you, and He isn’t afraid of your answer. When you remember Who is asking it, it will help you with the next step.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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