Trees in the Bible
A common analogy of the righteous in the Bible is the analogy of trees. Why is that? It’s because a tree can go through a storm and emerge still standing.

🔷Some of us have emerged from our nightmares leaning and bent, but we’re still standing. Praise GOD for that!
🔷If you are reading this today, you’re still here.
🔷You may be bent beyond recognition.
🔷You may feel that you’ve fallen and that your fall is fatal, but if you’re here, you have potential — especially when the Lamb of GOD walks into the sheep market of your life.
🔷Your 40’s may be worse than your 30’s, but your 30’s will pale beside your 50’s if you can answer the question correctly.

Jesus says — “I’m fishing for world-changers today! Will you be made whole?” Will you? We believe you will. It’s here, at this place of questioning, that we hit the real problem of our story because our text tells us that “the impotent man answered Him”.

His problem was not the problem. The real problem was what the impotent man answered Him. He answered his potential with his impotency. Potential life stood before him, and he answered it with his impotency. Do we do the same? He replied to Jesus, “Sir, I have no man”. Sometimes that’s true, isn’t it?

We feel alone … we feel abandoned. Sometimes we wait alone.

Grief can be incredibly lonely. Even when we have kind friends, they often can’t relate to our situation so their genuine attempts to care can seem insensitive and shallow. At other times, our friends have no idea how to relate to us in our pain, so they quietly leave us.

“Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool”.

Sometimes people surround us, but they’re just as impotent as we are.

Sometimes we have people, but they just can’t get us to the pool.

Have you ever tried to help someone? Have you ever thought, oh, if they would only respond to this altar call … ? Sometimes the moment comes, and the water is stirring, and you just can’t get them there. We hate that feeling.

Although Jesus was very merciful and healed this man, He did it in spite of the man. This “certain” fellow didn’t answer the question correctly. Instead of becoming a disciple, he called Jesus, “Sir”, and the Scripture says he “knew not Who Jesus was”.

Don’t lie in defeat and hope that Jesus is merciful. Desire to be proactive and stay in a position to receive wholeness. Let’s answer the question correctly.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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