Praise GOD! Aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t spend all His time hanging around the Temple? It is so wonderful that He visits slimy pools and finds hurting people like us.

What a thought to think about the Scripture saying, He saw a “certain man”.

Always take special note when the Scripture uses the word “certain” because it’s vague enough to apply to each and every one of us. It could be any of us beside that pool.

A certain man had lain there for 38 years, and Jesus asked him in that place — “Will you be made whole?” This is a terrible question to ask an impotent man. He has no power! It’s a slap in the face to ask such a question. The man was probably thinking:
⏺Are you serious?
⏺If I had any power at all, I wouldn’t be in this situation.
⏺If I had a choice in the matter, I wouldn’t have spent the last 38 years lying in sheep dung.

I wonder why Jesus approached him this way. I’m always very intrigued with the way Jesus interacted with people.
➡️Sometimes He would move with compassion in one situation and then rebuke satan in the next.
➡️Sometimes He rebuked unbelief, and sometimes He asked, “Do you believe?”
➡️Sometimes He just healed.
➡️And sometimes He asked the person to do something like, “Show yourself to the priests, stretch out your hand, or wash in the pool”.

Why would Jesus say to a man with a 38-year-old weakness, “Are you going to be made whole?”

Please note — whatever this man’s problem was, it had caused him to lie down. He had given up. The fight was long gone in him. Jesus asked an impossible question to a desperate man because Jesus was fishing for another world-changer.

This story occurs at the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus saw potential in the impotent man. He saw the potential for greatness in a place of negativity and no power.
↘️Where this man couldn’t do it, Jesus saw it done.
↘️How could Jesus see potential in this broken man?
↘️How could He see potential in a man who had lain there for 38 years?

It’s very simple. He saw potential in this man who had lain there for 38 years because he had lain there for 38 years. This man had hope! Jesus sees this same potential in you today!

↔️What were the odds that he would ever be healed?
↔️He was so impotent that he was lying down.
↔️If he couldn’t even stand, how could he ever get to the pool?
↔️He was incredibly discouraged, but he was still there.

Some of you can relate to this man. You feel utterly defeated, but you’re still here! That is victory.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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