Did you know that King David also required three years before healing came fully into his soul after the bereavement of his son Ammon?

Please don’t be troubled by 30 days and three years. Your season could be longer or shorter. The pattern we should follow from Abraham and Isaac is simply this:

1) GRIEVE. Grieve HARD.
2) Purchase MACHPELAH (doubling). Grieve with HOPE and understanding, carefully selecting the resting-place for your GRIEF. Remember that even through loss (subtraction), the LORD can double the anointing in your life.
3) Eventually begin MOVING. Be accountable with your GRIEF and don’t allow a spiritual hypothermia to settle over your soul.
4) Never forget the LORD is eternally gentle with His daughters.
5) REMEMBER the LORD will visit you again.
6) Practice PRAYER during the heartbreaking times.
7) Be ASSURED, comfort WILL come … new breath will enter your spirit, even if it takes THREE years to get there.

No one can set the TIME — but FULL resolution through grief probably occurs within TWO years.

🌹One indicator of RECOVERY is the ability to think of the loved one without great PAIN, only with a sweet SADNESS.
🌹Another indicator of RECOVERY is that time when you can re-invest your emotions into LIVING.

🌞Some studies have shown that three to four years must pass before emotional pain has gone.
🌞Watch for the way you respond when friends mention your loved one.
🌞You will see how well you are adjusting.
🌞Your loss is a permanent part of your life.

My dear friends, go ahead and grieve. Go ahead and weep and wail and be very, very honest and real.

Always REMEMBER: HE is coming! He promises to dry TEARS for eternity, Your tragedy cannot dim HIS PLAN for your life, He still desires to KNOW you, and to use you!

In a NUTSHELL, the Biblical response to grief is:
Psalm 69:32 The humble shall see it and be glad; you who seek GOD, inquiring for and requiring Him [as your first need], let your hearts revive and live

The Holy Spirit acknowledges that there are times when our hearts feel dead and we wonder if we will ever live again. He doesn’t rebuke us.

He simply says, “I’m still here. Seek Me. I loved bringing Isaac his wife in the desert. The camels are still coming”. The heart that seeks GOD will LIVE! He will help you — He will respond to your grief!

Credits – Amanda Buys


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