HEBRON” means “the seat of association, fellowship, or friendship” ( Hebron also means  to connect  both with your past and with the spiritual dimension, as this is where Abraham met the angels.).

Unexpectedly, amidst enemy giants, Sarah died in Kiriath-arba, and yet, the place is also called Hebron. Abraham needed to understand that the LORD provides a SEAT in the midst of enemy strongholds.

This is NOT a seat of DESPAIR or DEFEAT, it is a seat of FELLOWSHIP and association. Oh, how we need the LORD to associate with us in our grief. Thank GOD Kiriath-arba was also Hebron!

Did Abraham know that Kiriath-arba was also Hebron? The fact that the Psalms tells us that the LORD is a “very present HELP in trouble” doesn’t mean our loss or pain is EASY … darkness isn’t darkness unless it’s dark, and the initial stages of grief can be like MIDNIGHT.

Psalms also tells us that “He dwells in thick DARKNESS” because sometimes we can’t see Him in our GRIEF. We reason — “If He were present, this would not have happened!” Whether ABRAHAM felt GOD’s Presence or not, or was seated with GOD or with enemy giants, He did something very WISE

He stayed PUT!

This is very conventional, but very sound advice. Times of grief are not times for DRASTIC decisions. When giants overrun your seat of SECURITY and the routine of your life is shattered by LOSS … don’t MOVE!

It’s not the time to CHANGE churches, careers, faiths, etc. Abraham’s initial response to SARAH’s death is the FIRST step to responding to LOSS Biblically — he stayed put and he GRIEVED — “ … and Abraham came to MOURN for Sarah and to WEEP for her …”

He GRIEVED! He WEPT! He CRIED like a baby!

When Abraham left his native country and was first introduced in Scripture, he was 75 years old:
🙂We can more or less say that they were married for 62 years.
🙂They were sweethearts.
🙂They had lived a long life together.
🙂They endured famines together.
🙂They faced brutal tests of faith together (some of which they passed and some they failed).
🙂They experienced name changes together.
🙂Their dreams were fulfilled together.
🙂The LORD visited them and restored laughter to their lives.
🙂Abraham loved Sarah, and he took time to grieve for her.

There is a time for GRIEF. It is CRITICAL that we do the right things in the right seasons. There can be no denial in a time of GRIEFGRIEVE! It’s dangerous NOT to grieve after loss. Yes, the LORD does bring grief to an end, and He does dry tears, but He doesn’t say “Since you’re a believer, you must be strong, don’t cry”. NO! He says in Revelation 21:4, that He will wipe away all TEARS, but there is never REBUKE for the shedding of tears. Abraham came to WEEP for Sarah.


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