Cancelling out the NEGATIVES.
The first word a child learns is the word “NO”! They hear it 40,000 times by the time they are five years old. In that age bracket of hearing all the negative messages and not hearing positive ones, there is a consistency of negative programming going into the subconscious mind — that programming will always stay with us. That becomes the basis of our reality.

We start out on negatives and then we maybe have something traumatic happen to us that violates our boundaries — we hear the messages from our family, friends and peer group, that are making fun of us and putting us down. By the time we reach puberty, we wonder what is wrong with us, and we fear rejection because of all the negative messages we have heard.

If you hear 1-3 POSITIVE messages a day — you will be able to RECALL them, but it will take some EFFORT to find them in your mind and bring them to your CONSCIOUS memory.

If you hear 3-7 POSITIVE messages a day — they will FILTER through all the NEGATIVE buildup in your SUBCONSCIOUS … but you will be able to RECALL them in your CONSCIOUS mind only when you NEED them.

If you hear 9-11 POSITIVE messages a day — when you need them, they are there and you almost will have to STEP over them to NOT use them!

Did you know?! When we hear 1 NEGATIVE, it takes 7 POSITIVES to neutralize this 1 NEGATIVE!

By the time we are SIXTEEN, we have heard 173,000 NEGATIVE statements about ourselves by our family and peers.
That’s approximately 30 per day!

We hear LESS than 2 POSITIVE statements per day about ourselves by the time we’re SIXTEEN … that’s only 16,000 POSITIVE statements by age SIXTEEN!

And WE tell OURSELVES up to 16 NEGATIVE statements every day — “STUPID!” “You IDIOT!”

It’s like servicing an ALTAR in our lives every day!

There is a lot of rejection that comes against us, making us wonder why are we the ones getting the negative statements. The messages we hear will mark us for a lifetime because they come from the people we trust — and out of the frustration of the people we trust — most of all, our parents who HAVE to love us. Children have this thought inside of them that their parents have to love them — the parents don’t have a choice because I am their child, and they have to love me.

When parents don’t give us the positive growth material we need, and we are disciplined out of negative statements rather than positive — and those messages are so plain to us on the subconscious level — we draw a bottom-line of all of these negative statements and conclude — “I am not worthy of acceptance, I am not worthy of making my own decisions, I am not worthy of love, I am not worthy of learning and knowledge”, and so forth.

A child develops through curiosity that loads the computer with knowledge, and the mind keeps on questioning — why, why, WHY?

If they are operating in the three senses of the audio, the visual and the feeling orientation, they have to touch everything because touch is the knowledge of a new sensation. For example, marble is slippery and smooth, the carpet is fluffy, and so forth. Everything feels differently.

We take these things for granted as adults, but a young child learns those things through asking questions, verbalization, and getting answers in the audio channel, and touching and feeling things — what is normal to the small child is a pain in the butt for us parents/adults.

For example — you follow the child around all day long keeping things from being broken. A child, being compartmentalized, picks up one thing — when he sees something else, he drops what he had in his hand and picks up the next thing in his sight. What he had in his hand is now broken, but he has no idea what is going on.

When we were raised in homes where we were not allowed to grow and learn, then we get the constant message we are not worth the effort to learn and to expand our knowledge and to be normal. These messages go into the violation section under the column called REJECTION. We then have to learn as adults how to neutralize and how to reprogram the subconscious.

GOD created us UNIQUE. That EACH of us are PRECIOUS, with a PLAN and a PURPOSE. That we know HIS LOVE, live in JOY, and find TRUTH!

REJECTION and SELF-rejection keeps us in SHAME and UN-worthiness … we CAN’T receive LOVE!

Credits – Amanda Buys


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