GOD’s dream for MARRIAGES 3

Gift of ATTRACTION in marriage.
Keep in mind, the gift of ATTRACTION does not go away when you are married. You will find other people attractive. As a MARRIED person in a COMMITTED relationship, we find around every SIX MONTHS somebody will cross your path that’s pretty neat. What that tells you is that everything is working — you are NORMAL.

WARNING – It is what you do with this attraction that MATTERS. If you don’t ENTERTAIN this, it will DIMINISH in THREE DAYS (or 72 hours) … GUARANTEED. If you will not play with it, and not FANTASIZE about it, in 72 hours, the gift of ATTRACTION will just pass by.
This 72-hour rule is taken from the WORD. Jesus was in the tomb for THREE days (72 hours) and rose again.

Sexual DAMAGE.
What is behind all the LUST and PERVERSION in the world? We need to have a look at Genesis.
GOD promised Adam and Eve that the Messiah would come, born of a WOMAN, and that HE would crush satan’s head. Satan hates MANKIND and has made it his purpose to DESTROY men and women.
He has also TARGETED the way in which the MESSIAH would come — through the BIRTH CANAL. He HATES the very birth canal that our REDEMPTION came through. That is WHY there is such SEXUAL perversion in the world.

Sources of sexual damage:
🌻The lack of MODESTY can cause sexual damage — it would be called a ‘level one’ form of sexual abuse.
🌻Sexual damage and SHAME can be caused simply from having played doctor with the next door neighbour as a child.
🌻Children sleeping in their parent’s bed or room, past the first several months, can result in sexual damage. The children can develop INSECURITY, they can have difficulty being ALONE, and they can have problems with individuating.
🌻If they are in the same room, DAMAGE can also come from the children hearing/seeing their parents making love. FEAR of the sexual act might enter in because they don’t know what they are hearing or seeing.
🌻Sometimes a family will just be CRUDE about sexual issues. Jokes will be told.
🌻Or sex is never discussed, affection is never shown. The general attitude is that sex is shameful and DIRTY. Sexual damage has occurred. In very religious homes, the child is confused and never feels comfortable expressing his sexuality as an ADULT.
🌻Sometimes we can be TEASED as children about various body parts. They are too small, too big, etc. Many times our body image has to be healed so we can feel comfortable EXPRESSING ourselves sexually.
🌻Becoming sexually ACTIVE at too young an age, creates sexual damage. Children are not emotionally equipped to handle what is happening to them. Their sexuality robs them of the freedom and innocence of their childhood. CONFUSION enters in and as they become adults, they have problems truly enjoying sex. On one hand they enjoy the physical pleasure but on a deeper emotional level, they are ANGRY at sex because of the robbery of their childhood.

Results of SEXUAL ABUSE.
Sexual ABUSE can cause frigidity, IMPOTENCE, premature ejaculation, fear of male or female body parts, PROMISCUITY, prostitution, HOMOSEXUALITY, homophobia, and so forth. It can lead to drug/alcohol ADDICTION, EATING disorders, SLEEP disorders, problems in MARRIAGE, and other PERSONALITY disorders.

Sexual wounds create within you a sense of POWERLESSNESS. This then results in:
🌼A loss of self-respect … “I’M flawed and I’M defective”.
🌼Fixation … we freeze in our development of our emotions. We then develop a pseudo-personality, and become double-minded.
This moves me then into a SHAME-base: ‘I am my wounds’, ‘I am my sin’, ‘I am a mistake.’
‘I have been so wounded, I have no security. The people I trusted could not take care of me and prevent this from happening — I now lose my trust in my world. We now doubt TRUTH and we fear knowledge.’

Credits – Amanda Buys


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