GOD’s Dream for MARRIAGE.

Why would a GOD who created our very bodies to reflect our sexuality leave this part BROKEN and in DISREPAIR?


The same POWER of GOD that can give you NEW BIRTH through the spirit, heal your body, and RESTORE your soul can minister to your SEXUALITY. Your FAITH just needs to be stirred and you need to understand your sexuality from GOD’s Perspective.

GOD created our brains so that the sexual release would be an IMPORTANT part of the BONDING process with our spouse. GOD created us with SEX in mind and He intended it to be for MARRIAGE ONLY … intimacy was designed for COVENANT.

Ephesians 5:31 For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall be joined to his  wife, and the two shall become one flesh.

The GREEK word for UNITE is “to be GLUED together.”

Gender Confusion
Genesis 17:11 And you shall circumcise the flesh of your FORESKIN. And it shall be a TOKEN of the covenant between Me and you.

Foreskin — GOD has an amazing sense of humor. Deliberate gender confusion is a prime example. It has to make you laugh. Just consider the following:
The Hebrew word for foreskin is orlah. It is used dozens of times in descriptions of circumcision. There could hardly be a more explicitly male noun. In fact, it is sometimes used euphemistically for the penis. But, the Hebrew noun is feminine.

Either someone had no idea what makes a person male or this is an absolutely exquisite gender joke. Fortunately for men, the Hebrew word for testicle is actually a male noun.

Ah, but that’s not all. The Hebrew word rechem means womb. It’s pretty hard to not associate this with female, but this Hebrew noun is masculine. So are the nouns for breast and nipple. Maybe GOD just got confused and mixed up His genders. What do you think? Pretty funny, huh?

Aside from the humor of these upside-down gender associations, there’s a good lesson here. The sexual distinctions we put so much emphasis on in our culture might not be as important as we think. GOD’s View might suggest our preoccupation with gender differences needs a little levity.

Maybe Paul’s exhortation to care for each other as we care for our own bodies is a bigger play on words than we originally thought. After all, from a Hebrew perspective, the distinctively sexual components of males and females seem to carry a little reminder of the opposite gender, don’t they? If you and I recognize that what makes us sexual beings is described in the gender of the opposite sex, it just might help us appreciate the union of one flesh even more.

Perhaps the Genesis 2:24 standard is quite a bit more eloquent than we imagined.

There is one other characteristic of Hebrew that helps us redefine the proper place of sexuality. Once again, this additional characteristic employs a bit of humor. Hebrew is particularly metaphorical and euphemistic when it comes to describing sexual organs. It uses phrases like “covering the feet,” “socket,” “heel” and “seed” rather than our explicit descriptions.
But just the opposite is true when Hebrew speaks about sexual behavior. Then the language drops the euphemisms and provides straight talk. Apparently, GOD is far less interested in how you are built than what you do with how you are built.

All of this imagery offers an insight into the Garden story. We were made for each other, right down to the nouns. Furthermore, sexuality seems to originate in play. It’s the physical version of linguistic humor. It brings a smile and a laugh. But it is also subject to GOD’s Parameters. There are fences to protect those who can laugh about it.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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