GOD’s Dream for MARRIAGE 2

CONSEQUENCES of Pre-Marital Intimacy.
If there was any kind of sexual behaviour BEFORE marriage, there will be MAJOR consequences in intimacy AFTER marriage.

🌹Sometimes within the first year of marriage, WIFE’s sexuality will WANE and HUBBY won’t understand and know WHY?

🌹Wife will LOSE her desire for intimacy over time … waiting for her husband to wonderfully and EMOTIONALLY bond, and prove that he LOVES her for who she is on the INSIDE. If this is the case, Hubby will HAVE to non-sexually woo Wife, even though they are married.

If he DOESN’T do this, WIFE will go through a DOWNWARD SPIRAL of withdrawing from INTIMACY … she will WITHDRAW, but then BOUNCE back for a time, as she is RELATIONSHIP oriented.

However, the WITHDRAWAL times will get longer as time goes by, and she will BOUNCE back less frequently … this will cause such CONFUSION and FRUSTRATION in the marriage.

HUBBY must WOO her NON-sexually by being AFFECTIONATE (hugs, cuddles) WITHOUT any sexual agendas or touches … Wife will have to know she is LOVED for WHO she IS.

Men, REALIZE that:
❤️Your wife does not need sex ALL THE TIME,
❤️She needs to be VALUED all the time.
❤️Your wife’s love-making starts in the MORNING when you get out of bed and what you SAY to her at the breakfast table.

HUSBAND, you are 90% SEXUALLY orientated, and only 10% EMOTIONALLY orientated.
While your wife is 90% EMOTIONALLY orientated, and only 10% SEXUALLY orientated.

A man was never meant to carry the EMOTIONAL load of a woman without the SEXUAL pay-offs … and a woman was never meant to carry the SEXUAL load of a man without the EMOTIONAL pay-offs.

Often, men are so REJECTED, they feel their SEXUALITY is the only way they can express their manhood, and the woman in their life feels USED, and the relationship STRUGGLES. Or, all MEN want to do is CONQUER, without BONDING and EMOTIONAL attachment — and the WOMAN becomes worth no more than her SEXUALITY.

If a husband would take 90 days and LEARN how to LOVE his wife NON-sexually, he would fulfill this area of LOVE (EMOTIONAL BONDING) that should have been laid in the building up stages of COURTSHIP. GOD created our computers to lead up to the final marriage COMMITMENT according to these STEPS. These steps of emotionally bonding CANNOT be ignored or skipped.

A woman’s COMPUTER — if she has been HONOURED, respected, and VALUED — automatically UNLOCKS, and at the marriage ceremony, she knows she is VALUED. All the PRELIMINARY work has been done … and in MARRIAGE, ongoing EMOTIONAL and SEXUAL bonding will build for a LIFETIME.
MEN, if you put the TIME in, you will reap a LIFETIME of life-giving and JOYFUL INTIMACY with your WIFE.

ADDICTIVE relationships.
When we move from the gift of ATTRACTION, and jump into SEXUALITY, we have set ourselves up for DEPENDENCY and CODEPENDENCY with no understanding at all. No foundation blocks were laid for a GODLY long term relationship.

AGAIN, the steps CANNOT be ignored or SKIPPED, or you will have to GO BACK and complete them. Please note that addictive relationships marry out of NEED, while healthy relationships marry out of CHOICE.


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