Adultery, masturbation and sexual PERVERSIONS 2

A word on sexual perversions.
Sexual perversions cause you to become CALLOUS. Continual pornography and/or masturbation will cause your body NOT to respond to “NORMAL” stimulation. The callousness can become so bad that it could take two/three women, vibrators, etc. for days at a time, in order to have an orgasm.

You will need MORE and MORE to experience pleasure. You will NUMB both your body AND your brain on the subconscious AND conscious levels, because of the excessive SELF-ABUSE.
GOD has designed COVENANTAL intimacy so that the older you get, and the more you BOND, the greater the orgasm. The WORLD seeks pleasure in un-Godly sexual practices, which have to become more PERVERTED in order to feel more pleasure.

Why does the PERVERSION eventually involve pain? Research has proven that if any form of pain is intense enough, the body spontaneously ejaculates to nullify the PAIN.

EXAMPLES include death by electrocution, hanging, etc. Men doomed for the electric chair will have an orgasm when they pull the switch. The same for a man being hung to death — the body will ejaculate trying to nullify the pain as death is eminent. Young people tie a rope/belt around their necks, and almost suffocate to the point of orgasm — this level of orgasm becomes euphoric. Young people have been found hanging up in closets with pornography books on the floor and sperm all over the place — and the young man is dead.
They had no control and could not release the strap/rope around their neck —they were looking for the euphoric ultimate, ultimate orgasm.

Such severe PAIN situations can cause a spontaneous ORGASM. Again, the body is trying to neutralize the pain with the release of endorphins.

Satan is chasing them on by saying there is something more out there, something greater out there — there is greater high — there is a better looking blonde, someone with bigger breasts — another one with better looking sexual area, and so it carries on — enough is never enough.
As you become more and more callous, and depend on more and more perversities for greater pleasure — you will eventually end at sadomasochism.

For example, a person will be tied down with handcuffs and chains — tied to a bed or hung on a wall. One person will be stimulating with masturbation, and another person will take a surgical knife and then cut the meat of the thighs or the other sensitive areas of the body, to the point that the pain is so great, that the body will release through orgasm.

This is why PAIN is involved in PERVERTED sexual practices — whips, handcuffs, chains, cutting … all in the chase for THAT orgasm, because the body has become so NUMB.

As disgusting as it may sound, that’s what is happening because many have taken the ungodly way to sexual satisfaction.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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