Always continue growing. Keep reading, studying, and exploring. You never know when you will come across that perfect nugget that can be a key to someone’s healing. I have seen the Lord so faithful in that area.

I have had people give me a book and say, “I felt the Lord said I was to share this with you.” The next person that came for ministry had the very problem the book addressed. The Lord equipped me before they got there. He truly does go before us. HE IS FAITHFUL!

And above all else, press in to your own healing and deliverance. I have found it to be a never ending process in my own life. The more you sow in to the lives of others the more healing and deliverance you will reap. It should be a way of life. We never arrive. WE HAVE TO POSSESS BEFORE WE CAN IMPART.

🏝We can minister freedom from addictions, once we have possessed freedom.
🏝We can minister deliverance from shame, when we have been delivered.
🏝We can expose control, when our own control has been identified.
🏝We can minister the Lord’s healing power, when it has already touched our own pain.

⛺️Write down your strengths as a counselor or minister.
⛺️Write down your weaknesses.
⛺️Ask the Lord to show you how to strengthen your weaknesses.
⛺️Next, ask the Lord to show you any areas in your own life where you have felt wounded,rejected or betrayed as a result of counseling or ministering to others.
⛺️Forgive the people He shows you, pour out your complaint and then ask the Lord to touch and heal those situations.

⛺️Ask Him to reveal Himself in those memories.
Many times we can become wounded without even realizing it.
It’s always best to allow the Lord to be the One who examines you. We can become hard and calloused or oversensitive as a result of our wounding.

⛺️We have to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, it is the very people we try to help the most, who wound us the deepest.
Just check in with the Lord every once in awhile and ask Him to show you your true condition.

⛺️Don’t ever get so spiritual that you can’t admit your pain. Spirituality doesn’t cause us not be affected by anything (that’s just numbness). It is knowing that you have a Healer and a Comforter always ready to minister to you.

⛺️Be careful that you do not minister out of your unresolved pain, rejection and anger. Go for regular “check-ups” to Dr. Jesus! Because of unresolved issues, we can come across as hard, unsympathetic and judgmental.

Ministry is not a walk in the park, but once you yield to Him, He will use you and also work on you. 

Credits – Amanda Buys


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