We have looked at several Strongholds that give the enemy a foothold in our lives. If there is something that you didn’t quiet get, please go back and read that bit before taking on the assignment.

There is no need to rush through any assignment, the most important thing is to get delivered.

Assignments on Breaking the Strongholds:

⛳️Make a list of the people the Lord shows you to forgive. They may even be unrelated to the sexual damage.
⛳️Any unforgiveness can block our healing. Pour out your complaint to the Lord. (see Psalm 149) Talk to the Lord about how you were affected by what they did.

Then speak forgiveness out loud.
Example: Lord You are showing me my brother. When he made me take my clothes off and he examined me as a child, it made me scared. I have been scared of men ever since. I felt ashamed and it has made me uncomfortable every time I have had to take my clothes off in front of my husband. But Lord by Your grace, I choose to forgive him for everything he did and for all the effects it had on me.

This may have to be done over a period of time, depending on how much the Lord shows you.

Spirit and Soul Ties

Next make a list of people, places or things you could have an ungodly spirit and soul tie with and then pray.

Lord, I break all agreements with and renounce all ungodly spirit and soul ties with (insert who / what the Lord shows you).

I receive forgiveness for any illicit sexual relationships, and I rebuke any curses of the enemy that have reinforced these spirit-soul ties.

Lord I receive restoration for any areas of my spirit and soul that were stolen from me or that I gave away when I shouldn’t have.

I loose myself now from all ungodly spirit and soulish relationships and I submit myself to Your Holy Spirit.

Remember we can have a spirit and soul tie with alcohol, drugs, masturbation, pornography, our perpetrator and even our own pain. Allow God to examine this area for you.

Generational Sin

🏝Read the following scriptures.
2 Corinthians 7:1,
Leviticus 26:39-42,
Exodus 20:4-5,
Nehemiah 9:2,
Isaiah 61:4,
Colossians 2:14,
Galatians 3:13.

🏝Ask the Lord to show you areas of generational sin. Right now, we want to focus on those related to sexual sins, addictions and occult.
🏝Make a list and then pray through the following five steps. Later you can work on other areas, if you choose.
🏝Repent and receive forgiveness for the sin from the Lord.
🏝Forgive your parents, grandparents and ancestors for their sins in this area and get in touch with how their sins affected you.
🏝Receive forgiveness for your own involvement (be specific) and for any ungodly emotions that you have had.
🏝Forgive yourself for your involvement.
🏝Then renounce and break agreement with all of these sins, curses, and any demonic influence.

Lord, I receive forgiveness for the sin of incest and sexual abuse for myself and my ancestors.

I forgive my parents, grandparents and ancestors for their sins of incest and sexual abuse and for how it affected me by causing my father to be sexually abused and then he in turn molested me. It’s caused me not to trust men and I’ve been unable to express or receive affection. It also created family secrets. No one ever talked about anything. Conversation was just surface.

Lord, I receive forgiveness for my involvement in this area and any ungodly emotions I have had. I have never actually done anything but I have had incestuous thoughts. I have participated in the family’s code of silence. I’ve also been very angry and bitter, but I now receive forgiveness for this.

I forgive myself for my involvement. Even though I hated what was happening as a child, at times I enjoyed the special attention and gifts I received from my father and I forgive myself.
I renounce and break agreement with these sins and curses of incest and sexual abuse and all demons of lust, perversion, defilement, shame, uncleanness, incest, abuse, anger, mistrust,unforgiveness and bitterness. I rebuke, bind and cast out all these demons from my life in Jesus name!

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I release God’s anointing and the grace to forgive as you walk through this process.

As you go through the steps, you will begin to feel lighter and lighter, the weight of generational sin is being removed. Hallelujah!

This process may also take some time. Don’t rush it. Allow the ministry of the Lord to take place.

Ungodly Beliefs

Make a list of the ungodly beliefs the Lord shows you. Here are some more examples:
📌Sex is dirty.
📌You can’t be spiritual and sexual.
📌God created me the wrong sex, I should have been a boy/girl.
📌Men have it better.
📌Women have it better.
📌It’s okay to demand physical affection from my husband and get angry if he becomes sexually stimulated.
📌It’s okay to masturbate or use pornography to have my sexual needs met.
📌If I really communicate with my spouse regarding sexual issues, they will feel rejected. It’s best to just shut up and put up.
📌It’s okay to flirt with the opposite sex as long as you are not going to do anything serious.
📌My sexual appetite cannot be satisfied in marriage.
📌My spouse should satisfy me sexually whenever and however I need it, regardless of how they feel.
📌I am damaged and will never be able to fully enjoy sex.
📌God made a mistake when He created sex. If I can’t have sex, I have to masturbate.
📌It’s okay to masturbate as long as I don’t think about other women.
📌It’s okay to look at pornography as long as we do it together if I really let go and enjoy myself sexually, I am a bad girl/boy.
📌As long as l don’t hurt anyone, what I do sexually is up to me.

Some of them may apply, some may be modified or the Holy Spirit can show you ones you don’t even know you have. Then walk through the following steps for each one.

Lord I forgive the people (list their names) who helped me form the ungodly belief that (read the ungodly belief) by (what did they do).

Lord I receive forgiveness for believing this lie, and by walking in agreement with it by (how you have sinfully acted or felt because of the lie you believed).

Lord, I now forgive myself for believing this lie.

Lord, I break all agreements with this lie and any of the associated demons. I rebuke, bind and cast out these demons in Jesus name.

Now I choose to believe that… (establish a new Godly belief that aligns with scripture).

Write down the new Godly belief and meditate on it several times a day until transformation takes place. Do it for a minimum of 40 days. However, it could take a year or more but it’s worth it!

Example of Prayer:
Lord, I forgive my father, my boyfriends, Tom and Bill, and my husband for helping me form the ungodly belief that “You can’t trust men.”

By my father sexually touching me inappropriately and always making sexual jokes and comments that made me uncomfortable.

By Tom and Bill pressuring me to have sex as a teenager and Bill for cheating on me with my best friend.

By my husband keeping things from me and by telling me he just wants to hold me and then pressuring me sexually when I’ve already told him I was tired.

Lord, I receive forgiveness for believing this lie and by walking in agreement with it and not giving men a chance.

I really have hated men deep down inside and I think I’ve even been mad at You for creating them. I have been prejudiced against men and have believed that all men were the same. I wasn’t even able to trust my pastor or even receive when men preached Your Word. I’ve held bitterness and unforgiveness in my heart.

I’ve been a perfectionist in keeping my house clean in order to avoid intimacy with my husband. I forgive myself for believing this lie. I renounce this lie and break agreement with all demons associated with it.

From this day forth, I choose to believe that, “When You created men, You created a good thing and I by the Holy Spirit, I have the discernment to know which men I can truly trust and to what degree.

I now receive Your instruction on how to love men.” In Jesus name, AMEN.


📍Make a list of any demonic spirits that could have come in from any of the above areas.

Here are lists of some common ones listed by strongholds. But please allow the Lord to show you any other areas of deliverance that you may need. This is just a sample.

Stronghold of Sexual Sins
Lust. Perversion. Fornication. Molestation. Sexual abuse. Rape. Adultery. Illegitimacy. Incest. Defilement. Uncleanness. Masturbation. Homosexuality. Sodomy. Lesbianism. Pornography. Harlotry. Seduction.

Stronghold of the Occult
Religious spirits. Superstition. Masonic. Anything from Indian ancestry. Witchcraft. Rebellion. Fear. Death. Transcendental meditation. Premature death. Mental illness. Accidents. Reincarnation. Spiritualism. Anything from occult movies or books. False gods or religions. Divination (examples: horoscopes, palm reading, water witching, tarot cards)

Stronghold of Unforgiveness
Unforgiveness. Anger. Bitterness. Judgment. Condemnation.

Stronghold of Shame
Shame. Unworthiness. Condemnation. False guilt. Self-accusation.

Stronghold of Addictions and Escape drugs
Alcohol. Computer. Reading. Sleeping. Eating. Television. Passivity. Dissociation.

Stronghold of Deception
Deception. Lying. Denial. Secrecy. Self-deception. Avoidance. Minimising. Justification. Rationalisation.

Now simply renounce and break agreement with the list you have made and then begin to cast them out in the Name (authority) of Jesus Christ. You can do this alone or have a ministry partner.

Example: I renounce and break agreement with the stronghold of shame and the demons ofunworthiness, false guilt and condemnation. I command you to leave in the Name of Jesus. I cast you out of my mind, emotions and body in Jesus name.

Keep declaring until you feel a release. If something seems to be blocking it from leaving, ask the Lord what the blockage is, and He will be faithful to show you. The Word of God says that when we cast out demons the Kingdom of God comes upon us.

Matthew 12:28 But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

We know that the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. The Lord loves deliverance.

He loved setting people free while He was on the earth and He still loves it when we exercise His authority and people are loosed from demonic oppression. He will manifest Himself as a Man of War on our behalf.

The Holy Spirit will be faithful to give you discernment and direction. Call upon the Spirit of Might, (Isaiah 11:2) and rise up in your authority as a believer and you will surely possess the victory!!!

Isaiah 11:2 The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him – the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord

May you allow the Lord to walk with you through it all so that you will receive total healing. Blessings

Credits – Amanda Buys


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