RESTORING YOUR SEXUALITY 31 – Accountability cont’d

At the root of all addictions is idolatry.

We worship whatever the addiction is. We were created to become like what we worship. When we worship God, we become like God. When we worship food, we become fat. When we worship alcohol, we be become an alcoholic. When we worship work, we become a workaholic.

When we worship money, we become greedy. When we worship TV, we become a coach potato. When we worship sex, we become a sex addict. We bow down to our sexual needs; it is what consumes our time, our energy, our money, etc.

It comes before our family, our children and our God. We have to get revelation of and repent of our idolatry in order to get freedom over our addictions.

Without the Lord and His Spirit, we are powerless over our addictions. We need His help in overcoming. Most groups that deal with any type of addiction have their first step as surrendering to a Higher Power.

We know that there is only one higher power and that’s Jesus.


Take the time to pray and ask God to show you some of your triggers. Write them down.

Next write down some of the behaviours that you identified with as you read this chapter. Example: blame shifting, selfishness, frustration, etc.

Ask the Lord to show you the roots to these behaviours. Example: the root to my frustration is that when I was growing up my dad would abuse my mom, I felt helpless and frustrated. When I started masturbating those feelings went away.

Some of the roots might have sexual connections others may not. The root to my selfishness was my parents never told me “no”; they spoiled me and gave me everything I wanted.

Take time to forgive anyone involved, including yourself. At a later point in this series, there will be more information on forgiveness, breaking strongholds and healing root memories.

May we all find healing where we are hurting as we read these posts in Jesus name.

Credits – Amanda Buys


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