When dealing with any kind of addiction it is always good to have an accountability partner. Sexual addictions are no different.

We need to know our triggers and then be able to reach out for help before we fall into temptation. Our accountability partners need to have victory in this area and the faith to believe, we can, too.

There are actually support groups that meet in many cities geared to just the sexual area.

Remember it is your job to contact your accountability partner before you act out.

It is not their job to constantly be tracking you down and getting a report. It only works when you are truly sick and tired of the addiction and really want to change. Your accountability partner can pray for you, help you face your problems, share from their own experiences and just be a friend.

Addictions have cycles.

♦️ First, there is the trigger; then there is anticipation and planning,which leads to the act. After the act, there is an immediate let down, followed by remorse, a vow not to do it again and then the cycle begins all over again.

We need to learn our triggers and intervene at that point. That’s where your accountability partner comes on the scene. He or she breaks the normal pattern of behaviour that eventually leads to acting out. The whole cycle can take weeks or moments.

♦️You have to recognize the cycle. Many times the triggers in sexual addictions do not have anything to do with sex and so they may be difficult to determine.

🔻🔻Triggers can be times of stress, times of failure, times of anger and frustration, feelings of rejection, lack of intimacy with the Lord or your spouse, etc. It’s your job to begin to look back and see the common denominators of when you act out.

🔻🔻You may have to avoid certain areas of town, certain friends, too much time alone, etc. It’s your job to change the patterns. Learn how to talk out your issues and problems. Get in touch with your true feelings. Addictions can’t be fought simply through will power.

We have to get in touch with why we need the addiction. Once again, we may need the Lord’s help in uncovering the roots of our addiction, just like any addiction.

Let’s pick up from here in the next post….

Credits – Amanda Buys


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