RESTORATION OF MANHOOD 38 – Additional thoughts


  • Lust causes men to see women as sex objects.
  • The torment of the temptation to sin is nothing compared with the torment of the consequences of sin. Remorse and regret cannot compensate for sin.
  • Men corrupted and contaminated by lust see nothing pure in others, either in motive or deed. They ascribe to others a perspective coloured by their polluted minds.
  • Lust is insatiable; love is easily satisfied.
  • One of Satan’s perversions is to promise intimacy through pornography rather than prayer. Pornography promises the benefits, physical closeness and good feelings of intimacy, BUT ultimately results in distance, addiction, impotence and alienation.

Remember, no man possesses his wife in marriage, he is only a steward of her love. A good steward of that love maintains it over the years.

Credits – Amanda Buys
Image source –


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