RESTORATION OF MANHOOD 35 – Levels of communication


At the heart of human survival is communication. Even a newly born baby needs that communication in form of touch, cooing and the like in order to survive. Even men,  communicate among their friends or peers but on various levels:

1. The cliché level:
“How are you?” Without really waiting for an answer. The degree of transparency is practically nil. It keeps people strangers.

2. The fact level:
This is sharing what you know. The degree of transparency is a little more real, but it still keeps people at arm’s -length. It doesn’t let them in.

3. Opinion level:
This is sharing what you think. Starting to share a little bit of yourself but still keeping people at a “safe” distance. You cannot build relationships on opinions.

4. Emotional and transparent levels:
This is actually sharing who you are. As the degree of transparency increases so the number of people with whom you share is much smaller. The levels of trust and commitment and bonding make for much deeper and stronger relationships.

Emotional communication means conveying hopes and fears and dislikes and aspirations and disappointments and sorrows. It’s giving away whom you are. It’s giving away a part of you.

While many may wonder the essence of discussing communication or friendship among men, we can agree that man in general is a communal being and at the heart of community is friendhip – at various levels

Credits – Amanda Buys
Image source – blackmeninamerica


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