RESTORATION OF MANHOOD 34 – Real men stand together


In today’s world, we have all sorts of men but real men are willing to die for their wives and children yet there is something inside them that longs for someone to die with – someone to die beside – another man with a heart like your own.

Friendship requires honesty. Friendship requires trust. Friendship requires vulnerability. Friendship is uncompromising of values.

Men who have neglected intimate friendships with other men have far greater difficulty handling the mid-life turmoil and are devastated at retirement without a network of friends or support. Today’s image of the independent man is that he has few if any emotional needs. Therefore they manufacture non-emotional reasons for being together.

– Are you giving yourself to anyone?
– Are you opening up to anyone?
– How would you describe your own friendship with other men: casual, close, intimate, or non-existent?

The core of all meaningful relationships, particularly man-to-man, is shared values. They don’t necessarily have to have the same skills or talents or interests or hobbies.

At the value levels of your lives, you are walking together step by step. Wives, children, Kingdom, vision of ministry, etc.

With shared values, you are willing to stand together for something much larger than yourself. That’s the core of friendship. It’s much bigger than golf of rugby. This is much wider and deeper than trout fishing or shooting game.

Credits – Amanda Buys
Image source –


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