RESTORATION OF MANHOOD 23 – What makes a man?


They are very many ways to define a man. Gone are the messy days, today, we take stand to regain the rightful stature of a man.🙂

First, foremost and above all else, it is VISION.
– A vision for something larger than himself.
– A vision for something out there.
– A vision of a place to go.
– A cause to give oneself for.

Call it a sense of destiny. Call it a hill to climb. A mountain to conquer. A continent to cross.

A man must visualize ahead of time. A Project. Think forward. Lift his eyes and chart the course ahead. Anticipate what the months and years may bring.

This is the very essence of his leadership. This is the “KING” in every man – always looking ahead, watching out for his people, providing direction and order.

Men so often misplace their vision. They focus mainly on houses, cars, bank accounts and job titles, thinking that this brings about status and security, when in fact there is no status or security without relationships. Matters of character, heart, spirit, integrity, justice, and humility are where men ought to be majoring in their provision.

Men, your families are all looking to you, they’re depending on you to set the course, to determine the direction, to set the pace.

The measure of a man is the spiritual and emotional health of his family. A real provider has a vision for a marriage that bonds deeply, for sons with character as strong as trees and for daughters with confidence and deep inner beauty. Without that vision and leadership a family struggles, gropes and may lose its way.

Men and women
Men have a God-given tendency to look up and out and discern objects in the hazy distance.

Women have a tendency to read the “fine print” of relationships. A woman is simply a better reader. She has better focus on people and situations at hand. She can read right away what’s happening in the spirit, in a tone of voice, in a facial expression. Women place more emphasis on detail and on security. Men need to use their God -given capacity for distance vision to encourage and give hope and security to their families. When they cannot or will not, the people under their roofs suffer loss.

– Men, when was the last time you developed a five-year plan for your family?
– Have you dreamed of it yourself?
– Have you shared it with your wife?
– Refined it together?
– Communicated it to the kids?

Credits – Amanda Buys.
Image source –


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