RESTORATION OF MANHOOD 20 – Types of fathers 2


We continue from where we stopped in the previous post but one thing is certain, we can’t demean the value of fathers in our world. Fathers, do not dim your lights for a thing, the younger generation needs your light to walk in the ways of the Lord.

B) What Are We Passing On?

– Righteousness – Deut 7:9
– Revelation of God – Deut 29:29
– Fellowship – Ex 29:42
– Prayer – Ps 141:2; Ex 30:8
– Atonement – Ex 30:10
– Rest – Ex 31:16
– Anointing – Ex 30:31; 40:15
– Offerings – Lev 6:18; Num 15:21
– Requirement for service – Lev 10:9
– Financial freedom – Lev 25:30
– Garments – Ex 28: 42-43; Num 15:38
– Service – Num 18:23

– Iniquity – Ex 20:5; 34:7; Deut 5:9
– Illegitimacy – Deut 23:2
– Impure heritage – Deut 23:3
– Disqualification for service – Lev 21:17; 22:3

C) How is the flow of blessings stopped?

When you:
– Provoke your children – Eph 6:4.
– Sell your birthright – Gen 25: 29-34; Heb 12: 16-17.
– Steal someone else’s birthright – Deut 19:14; 27:17; Hos 5:10

D) How do you get to be a father?
Be prepared to circumcise your son – cut covenant. It’s a painful, time consuming and costly procedure, but it produces a son who honours his father (Ex 4: 24-26 – Moses; Acts 16: 1-3; Deut. 10: 15-16; Jer. 4:4).

Jacob gave a garment – covering of authority and favour made with materials of love, effort and time (father heart). Joseph filled it with honour and faithfulness (son).
Aaron was anointed on his head – his sons not so (Ex 29: 4-9), but they were given coats/garments (Ex 28: 1-3).

Anointing is passed by oil flowing down into the garments and passed onto the son – garments of love, encouragement and praise (Ex 29: 29-30; Lev 8:33; Acts 19:11-12 (Paul); Ephesians 4:11-15 (five-fold ministry, and no longer called CHILDREN).

A cut covenant brings about a father/son relationship, which leads to maturity. If you do not want to cut a covenant, it can lead to two paths of destruction:

1) Where you only want yourself as the head of the house, the son will become a bastard/illegitimate.
2) Where you want to make sure that only you produce, your son will become castrated/a eunuch.

Understand that your role is to produce a “son” who carries a double anointing and does more than you ever did (Elijah – Elisha; John – Jesus).

Ordained fathers are to be an earthly confirmation and witness to the heavenly voice of Father God (Ps 42:7 “…deep calls out to deep…”; Jer 31:9 “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart”.)

Help your son through the wilderness.
When Jesus was 12 years old he said, “Don’t you know I’m about my Father’s business” in Luke 2:49. Luke 2:51-52 tells us that He grew in maturity. After 18 years of silence He came into ministry – Luke 3: 21-22“Thou art My Beloved Son”.

Is the light in your house on?
Help them to learn values and to overcome the three physical and spiritual attacks of life exemplified by:
Cain – Where he doesn’t want anyone to have more than he has and he wants to be the greatest.

Balaam – Where he sells revelation for profit and seduces the people’s hearts from the father; uses his gifts for money; reaches out for both worlds and loses both.
Korah  – Where he speaks evil words to come against the word given; admire the man for your own advantage; rebellion.s

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