Portrait Of Young Couple Sitting In Park

When I was few years in my marriage, I had several grievances. They ate me up so bad that I contemplated divorce, mhh. But along the way, the Lord has blessed me with people that have guided me and helped me understand a thing or two. It is these that I desire to share;

How do two people lose their way in a relationship? Communication breakdown.

What bridges the gap between them? Understanding.

Men need appreciation, honour, respect…worship in a sense. We have been made in God’s image and it is natural for all of us to seek praise and adoration.

Men don’t usually handle criticism well; they just flee until you get over it. If it occurs too often, they just avoid you altogether and go elsewhere in search of praise.

Watch your mouth! The power of changing how that man relates to you lies in your hands and in your tongue.

Praise blesses and liberates people. To withhold praise is to punish. It is to render the other person to the deepest depths of insecurity, misery and meaninglessness. Withholding praise can be a subtle case of manipulation.

Praise is as much for you as it is for the other person. It is your way of reminding yourself why you are blessed to have this person in your life. It releases you from harbouring past hurts or slipping into bitterness. It stirs up the desire within that person to be the best that he can be for you. He doesn’t want to let you down.

Insist on praising, not because they have done tremendous things, but because you would relish that praise if you were in their place. And it is a better thung to look for the good in some one than focus on their wrongs.


Credit – Amanda Buys

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