When God speaks a word to a woman, He will confirm it in the spirit of the person in authority over her. Sometimes it can take a while before the message gets through to your authority figure, but that does not mean that they cannot hear from God. It might be a timing thing.

Maybe God is using him to slow you down until it’s really time to run with the plan He’s given you. God will always back up a woman when He has given her a word to speak. Women need to pray for the sensitivity of their men to the Spirit of God.

The Lord is well able to put the man in your life under arrest if he hinders God’s move in your life with his actions or words of unbelief.

It is not your job to convince him of what God said or to talk down to him when he doesn’t get it. There’s no need to tell him he needs to get saved or become spiritually deeper. If God did speak to you, He is able to follow through on His own word and to do whatever it takes to bring that man into agreement while He brings His Word to pass.

You must just remain in the right attitude and let God fix the situation for you. To move ahead of that man’s agreement will set you up for deception and all sorts of trouble.

When God tells you to speak, He has no problem being your enforcer. You won’t have to demand your way.

Otherwise, you will only see a silhouette of what you would have enjoyed with  your husband but never get to have it😟


Credits – Amanda Buys.

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