Our role has been defined and redefined over the years depending on which angle you look at it from. However, at the core, we are meant
– To preserve the life of her children.
– To keep them from being devoured by the dragon.
– To nurture purpose.
– To blow on the embers of those little spirits until their hands reach up to God.
– To secure the blessing.
– To guard their inheritance.
– To release them into becoming pillars of destiny.

Motherhood is a precious assignment from God. It has a season and to be candid, with the current fads, many are losing out on this precious responsibility of naturing. However, we ought to enjoy the identity of being a mother. God chose you on purpose for such a time as this.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of my children. I am humbled that You thought me worthy of watching over someone who is so precious to You. I receive all the wisdom, strength and insight that I need to complete my assignment in a way that will be pleasing to You. I receive guidance in the way that I should take even as I instruct these ones that You have entrusted in my care.
As I commit them to Your care, I thank You that You will keep them safe in all their ways. I receive an increased sense of discernment to recognize the work of the enemy in my children’s lives. I receive the strength to battle against the forces that will seek to pull their hearts away from You, to break their spirits and bend their wills.
When I grow weary, I receive strength for my arms and a renewal of my faith in Your ability to keep us all.
By the authority that You’ve given me over the lives of my children, through Christ, I abort the plans of the enemy and his agenda for destroying the purposes of God in my children. I receive guidance for my prayer life to strategically call forth the destiny of my children. I declare that the inheritance You have reserved for them is secure.
But most of all, Lord, in those times when the going gets tough, I will recognize that children are only part of my reward for answering Your call. I a rm my worth when the world is telling me I have no value, and I find my validation and all that is truly worthwhile in You. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Credits – Amanda Buys
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