Our gifts as women or females are;
– Influence
– Intuition (The ability to be spiritually sensitive, to read the one print in a given situation)
– Sexuality and reproductive abilities.

Man and woman were both created in the image of God, each was uniquely created to emphasize specific parts of God’s nature, with man leaning more toward the mind of God, and woman more toward the heart of God.
Keeping this in mind, we must realize that the man’s heart also seeks the same thing that God’s heart seeks – worship. Man’s foremost desire is for honour, which comes in the form of respect and submission.

God dwells in the midst of His praise, and it is clear that intimacy is born out of the worship experience. All barriers come down in the face of admiration. All defences are lowered as we enjoy the attributes of our beloved, and they in turn respond by drawing closer to us.

As our praises go up to God, He comes down, drawing closer and standing ready to pour out to us the desires of our hearts.
The same thing takes place in our earthly relationships. As we make men feel good about themselves, they pour more of themselves out to us.

True intimacy is birthed out of this sort of communion, and sexual intimacy is the highest form of mutual worship. It is the place of complete vulnerability and openness. Naked and unashamed; without pretence all is revealed and exchanged, and the two come away with a deeper knowing of one another, sharing a bond strong than before.

However, many of us have been made to believe that only near-nude dressing or vulgar language will evoke all these emotions from their husbands. But it’s also sad to note that sex is no longer given the value it deserves.

Cc – Amanda Buys
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