African American Woman Girl Mother Daughter

Many of us have femininity construed. While you were taught otherwise, help you daughter, niece and the girls under your wing understand the truth.

Who told you that you were naked?” This is where it all began.

Who told you to be ashamed of who you are, woman? Who told you that womanhood has no worth?
Who told you that embracing your femininity was a losing proposition?
Who told you that it’s a man’s world?

These words never came from God’s lips. Satan planted this one little seed and it has grown into a great tree bearing a crop of fruit most poisonous. And so began woman’s suspicion that man was keeping something behind his back that he didn’t want her to have.

Why didn’t God want us to be like Him and know good and evil?


It was His intent that we would be His sons and daughters, that we would be like Him because we would walk in perfect fellowship with Him, seeing Him as He is (I John 3:2).

What happened? How did we ever go from the garden to the war zone?

Eve was given to Adam to help him stay focused, to give him extra encouragement from time to time. He needed someone to fill in the blanks, take up the slack, keep him together. He needed a helpmeet, a partner – someone designed especially to compliment him in every way. This person, called woman. She would assist him in completing his assignment to subdue, maintain order, cultivate and take care of God’s creation, to be fruitful and multiply. These things, he could not do without her help.

God has a brilliant future planned out for us and the generations after us. We just need to get it from the right source; His Word

credits: Amanda Buys



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