We need to teach our girls the Bibilical truth, not what the world calls truth.

The treats that world offers only trap us rather than free us. Let’s start from the garden of Eden:

Because of Eve’s deception, some things in the Garden of Eden changed. From that day forward she would feel the pain of childbirth, a pain that she had caused God to feel when she wrenched herself from His protective womb to become master of her own destiny.

No one’s position in the garden has changed; man was responsible for covering and leading woman from the beginning.

But now, any woman, married or single, would find herself always striving to have man bend to her will. She would seek to grasp total fulfilment from man, to receive complete a affirmation from him, but she would never achieve this fulfilment because no human being could be her completion.

The curse caused the heart of woman to say to man, “I need you to be willing to do anything for me, including disobeying God if that’s what it takes to make me feel loved, desired, worthy and ful lled.”

The fall caused the God-given desire in her heart for man to be perverted into a need for him for all the wrong reasons.

Man could never live up to the void the fall created, so woman’s exaggerated need for man became her bondage. Her desire for him would now “rule” over her and colour all of her decisions as she constantly strove to gain his love in a spot reserved for God alone.

Adam abdicated his role as protector of Eve. He chose to wilfully follow her into disobedience, and now he would get to see how it felt to have the object of his afection rebel against him.

Credits: Amanda Buys



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